21 Garage Shoe Storage Ideas You Never Knew You Needed

Brilliant Shoe Storage Ideas

Are you fed up with those disorganized shoes in your entryway or mudroom? Or looking for some effective garage shoe storage ideas, then you are at the right place. Shoes are an essential part of our everyday lives. For some, it can be a daily essential, but for others, it can also be a love or passion to collect shoes. Whether you have a pile of shoes or own a couple of shoes for daily wear, you must keep them organized to avoid confusion and sustain them in good condition for a long time. Also, arranging your shoes helps you keep your home clean and neat.

In addition, when you use a shoe organizer, you can improve the overall look of your home and revamp your shoe collection, giving it a stylish look. Also, organizing your shoes is a great way to display them creatively and showcase your taste.

Here we will discuss 21 brilliant shoe storage ideas to help you.

21 Best Garage Shoe Storage Ideas

Keeping your shoes organized has more than one benefit. You can creatively display your shoe collection, keep them safe and maintain hassle-free access. Currently, you can have plenty of interesting garage shoe storage ideas to improve your shoe organization at home. Try these ideas!

1. Entryway Shoe Storage Bench

Entryway Shoe Storage Bench

The Entryway shoe bench is a great way to store your shoes at the entrance. If you are looking for some multipurpose garage shoe storage ideas, you can try the entryway shoe storage bench. You can either build your own shoe storage entryway bench or buy from online stores. The entryway shoe storage bench can store your shoes easily on the below shelves and other items on the above. You can try JAXPETY Rustic Shoe Storage Bench; the latter has inbuilt shoe racks for clean and neat shoe storage.

2. Wooden Shoe Shelf

Wooden Shoe Shelf .jpg

Are you looking for garage shoe storage ideas that help you store your shoes easily? Then a wooden shoe shelf can be a great choice to try. Wooden shoe storage shelves have a sophisticated appearance and look great in your hallway or entryway. Also, wooden or bamboo shoe shelves are eco-friendly and easily reflect your taste. They come in various designs and shades that can match different house architecture and environments. Try the Usikey Vertical shoe rack that has a simple yet elegant look. You can even place a plant tub or a wooden showpiece to enhance its look.

3. Customizable Shoe Organizer

Customizable Shoe Organizer

Customizable or adjustable garage shoe storage ideas are becoming very popular these days. You can place them anywhere in your home, like hallway, closet, or bedroom, and they will look absolutely stunning. Also, customizable shoe organizers can easily fit various kinds of shoes, from boots, flats, high-heels, sneakers, and more. Usually, custom shoe organizers have 6-8 racks that can store around 32 pairs of shoes, but if you need, you can stack more into it. Also, you can get various designs for your customizable shoe storage when you buy them.

4. Handwoven Shoe Basket

Handwoven Shoe Basket

If you are looking for garage shoe storage ideas that are also eco-friendly and sustainable? Then you may like to try the handwoven shoe basket to organize your shoes. They look simple, elegant, and casual. You can place them in your mudroom, hallway cabinet, closet, or bedroom to arrange your shoes according to your need. If you like DIY products, you will love these handmade shoe baskets. Try to DIY or purchase as many shoe baskets as you need and place them in the corner of a room or on a shelf to store shoes. Get CHICVITA Jute Woven Storage Basket With Handles for eco-friendly shoe storage.

5. Metal Shoe Rack

Metal Shoe Rack

Another common way you can store your shoes is by using a metal shoe rack. Metal shoe racks are durable and classy and come in various designs, from simple to traditional and oriental. They will help you organize your shoes easily and keep every pair separate. Metal shoe racks can also display your shoe collection when you place them in your hallway or entrance. Add a complementary painting on the wall or place a showpiece to complete the look. You can get the Simple Houseware 3-Tier Stackable Shoe Rack Storage Shelf that has a minimalist look and comes in various attractive colors like black, silver, bronze, etc.

6. Clear Shoe Boxes

Clear Shoe Boxes

Clear shoe boxes are also popular, and many people use them to organize their shoes with clear boxes. If you are looking for some garage shoe storage ideas to store your shoes neatly, then you must try clear shoe boxes. Clear shoe boxes are easily stackable, and you can place them inside the cupboard on a rack or shelf to store your shoes. Instead of scattering your shoes all over the racks, you can use clear boxes to store each pair separately. It will help you declutter your space, and you can easily identify your shoes on the shelf. Try MUKIRAN HOME 12-Pack Shoe Storage Boxes for high-quality, long-lasting products.

7. Staircase Shoe Storage

Staircase Shoe Storage

If you are running out of space and have plenty of shoes to store, then this garage shoe storage idea will amaze you. Staircase shoe storage is an innovative and sustainable approach to storing shoes in bulk by utilizing the unused space beside the staircase. You can easily install a staircase shoe storage system and convert the space into a compact shoe storage/display. You can customize the material and color of the staircase shoe storage to fit with the entire architecture of your home. Also, you can raise the shelves on the wall to display your shoe collection.

8. Shoe Storage Cabinet

Shoe Storage Cabinet

Looking for some effective garage shoe storage ideas to store your shoes? You can try shoe storage cabinets that are specially designed for storing shoes. Shoe cabinets come in various sizes, shapes, and shades. Every cabinet has multiple shelves where you can store your shoes in pairs. Shoe cabinets also work as home furniture, and you can choose a cabinet that matches with the entire home decor. You can also buy a cabinet with the same color palette as your room and add some small decorative items on the top to blend it with the surrounding. You can try Tribesigns Shoe Cabinet for elegant-looking shoe storage.

9. Shoe Rack with Wheels

Shoe Rack with Wheels.

A shoe rack with wheels or a wheeler shoe rack is an innovative and flexible shoe storage idea. If you are looking for shoe storage ideas that bring flexibility in organizing shoes, you can try a wheeler shoe rack. You can buy or DIY your wheeler shoe rack according to your convenience. If you have a bar cart, you can repurpose it and use it as a portable shoe rack. However, you can also find a variety of wheeled shoe storage racks online.

10. Shoe Organizers With Flip Doors

Shoe Organizers With Flip Doors

Another excellent way you can organize your shoes and keep your place clean and tidy is to use a shoe organizer with flip doors. When you use a shoe organizer to store your shoes, you do not need to pile them and find your shoes easily. The flip-door shoe organizers have a clean and simple look. You can place them anywhere in your house, like the entryway, hallway, closet, or bedroom, to keep your shoes properly. Also, they come in different shades and keep your shoes safe from external dust, dirt, and damage.

11. Shoe Drawers

Shoe Drawers

Shoe drawers are also great tools to keep your shoes organized. Shoe drawers can come in various sizes and range from 4 to 12 or more. Each drawer can consist of one or two pairs of shoes, and you can pick the size and number of drawers according to your need. Also, shoe drawers made with wood or metal have a distinct design and style. You can choose shoe drawers for minimalist to traditional designs. In addition, metal or wooden shoe drawers are a more sustainable and cost-effective option to keep your shoes organized.

12. Wooden Shoe Bin

Wooden Shoe Bin

Wooden shoe bins can be pretty useful for keeping small-scale shoes organized. If you have shoes scattered in your entrance and want easy and hassle-free shoe storage, you can try them. Wooden shoe bins and well-structured, sustainable storage for your shoes that you can place in any corner of your entrance or hallway or underneath the table or rack. It will help to keep your entrance clutter-free and clean. If you have kids at home who scatter their muddy shoes on the floor, then you must try these highly durable shoe bins.

13. Rotatable Metal Shoe Rack

Rotatable Metal Shoe Rack

If you want a shoe storage solution that does not take much space yet efficiently arrange your shoes, then you can try rotatable metal shoe racks. Rotatable metal shoe racks look very stylish and are highly functional. They also come in various sizes and colors, and you can pick anyone as per your choice. The best part of these shoe storage systems is that they take up little space, and you can easily adjust them in small rooms or hallways. You can try Household Essentials 2139-1 Metal Four-Tier Adjustable Revolving Shoe Rack for quality shoe storage.

14. Over-The-Door Shoe Organizers

Over-The-Door Shoe Organizers

Over-the-door shoe organizers are also an excellent choice for organizing your shoes using your door. If you do not have much space in your house or closet, you can try Gorilla Grip Shoe Holder Rack for Over Door shoe organizers to store your shoes. Most over-the-door organizers come with multiple clear plastic pouches that you can use for storing. They save space and help you organize your shoes correctly. Also, transparent pouches make it easy to identify your shoes with a single glance.

15. Display-Style Shoe Cabinet

Display-Style Shoe Cabinet

Display-style shoe cabinets are pretty popular these days and help you display and store your shoes at the same time. If you have multiple designer shoes, then a display-style shoe cabinet is a must. These cabinets consist of glass doors with lighting systems that display your designer shoes collection and keep them safe. Display-style shoe cabinets look similar to the shoe galleries we see in shops. However, they are your personal display to showcase your shoe collection. Also, they come in different sizes and shades to match different needs.

16. Boot Clips And Hangers

Boot Clips And Hangers

Although boot clips and hangers are not ideal for organizing all types of shoes as they only help to organize your boots. Still, if you have plenty of boots that you cannot keep in pairs how much you try, then you can use boot clips or hangers. When you use boot clips and hangers, you can easily organize your boots and get rid of the trouble of finding each piece of the pair when you want to wear any. All you need to do is to clip boots or hang them up in pairs and line them in your closet. You can try BEWISHOME 30 PCS Boot Hangers for Closet for quality boot hangers.

17. Shoe Hangers or Pouches

Shoe Hangers or Pouches

Shoe hangers or pouches are similar to over-the-door shoe organizers but are more versatile. You can hang them inside your closet, on the door, on the wall, etc. Each shoe hanger contains multiple plastic pouches that can hold your shoes above the floor. Also, the plastic pouches are transparent, so when you store your shoes inside, you can easily identify your shoes and access them on the go. Also, plastic shoe hangers are highly-durable and last longer than cloth or jute pouches. They also help to prevent dust, dirt, and scratches and increase your shoe’s life. MISSLO 30 Large Pockets Dual Sided Hanging Shoe Organizer for Closet can be a great choice for durable and high-quality closet shoe hangers

18. Color-Code Your Closet

Handwoven Shoe Basket

If you have some space in your closet and do not know how to utilize it, you can try a color-coding system instead. This is one of the most innovative ideas to utilize the extra space in your closet and store your shoes. When you use color coding, you can pair shoes with clothes for the same color scheme. Place the clothes on the hangers and shoes on the floor. Once you line up your shoes and clothes, you will see the magic. Your closet looks organized, and color coding makes it appear stylish.

19. Built-In Cubes And Shelves

Built-In Cubes And Shelves

Another great way you can organize your shoes easily is when you have built-in cubes and shelves. So, if you have a blank wall or want some easy garage shoe storage ideas, then you can use built-in cubes and shelves to store your shoes. You can convert your blank wall and add some built-in cubes and shelves. Then place some bins and shoe containers to store your shoes. Built-in cubes and shelves for storing shoes. They look simple and classy, and you can customize them according to your house or room color schemes.

20. Over-The-Door Storage

Over-The-Door Storage

If you are facing a space crunch and looking for garage shoe storage ideas, you can try over-the-door storage. You can convert any over-the-door space to turn them into a perfect place to store your shoes. It is one of the most effective and easy ways to utilize the space and convert it into a built-in shoe organizer. Use the wall around your door frame and add shelves and cubes. Then you can place bins, clear boxes, or just line up your shoes in pairs. You can also add bright frames to create a statement with them.

21. Use Repurposed Furniture

Use Repurposed Furniture

Another brilliant way you can organize your shoes without spending much money is by repurposing your old furniture. If you have any pieces of furniture like shelves, racks, cabinets, or small wardrobes that you do not use anymore, you can use them to store your shoes. All you need to do is to paint it with beautiful color or refurbish it a little to store your shoes. For instance, you can use your old and rusty bookshelf and paint it with some vibrant shades and place your shoes.

Summing It Up

All in all, shoes are essential for everyone, whether you love to collect shoes or not. If you cannot store your shoes in a proper way, they will get damaged. Also, scattering your shoes all over the floor or piling them in the corner of your closet makes your place dirty and cluttered. But when you use a proper shoe storage system, you can easily organize your shoes and de-clutter your space.

It will also help you protect your shoes from dust, dirt, scratch, and squeeze. Also, you will find many options when looking for garage shoe storage ideas. You can repurpose your old furniture and use shoe hangers or staircase storage to store your shoes. In addition, you can try many other ways to store your shoes and even display them if you wish. Above, we have shared some brilliant shoe storage ideas that you can try.

So, are you ready to try these hacks and revamp your existing shoe storage system?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Keep My Shoe Storage in A Small Space?

Shoe storage systems are essential to keep your shoes organized and well-protected, and you can try various shoe storage ideas that are excellent for small spaces. For instance, rotatable metal shoe racks or over-the-door shoe organizers are great for storing shoes in a small space. You can also convert any wall into shoe storage to store shoes without additional space.

What Kind of Shoe Storage Do I Need- Small or Big?

It depends on the size of your footwear collection and the space you have to install a shoe organizer. If you have a wide range of shoes and also do not lack space, you can opt for a long display-style cabinet or a wall-mounted shoe organizer to store your shoes. In contrast, if you have a couple of shoes and do not want to waste much space, you can use small racks, entryway bench shoe storage, or a staircase shoe storage system.

Should A Shoe Storage Be Closed or Opened?

Both open and closed shoe storage systems have their unique benefits, and you can choose one that will suit your needs. For example, if you are storing regular wear, it will be fine to use open shoe storage as you will use them often. But if you are storing expensive or designer shoes, it will be wise to opt for a closed system for better protection.

Which Kind of Shoe Storage Is Ideal for Boots?

You can have multiple options to store your boots. Bootholders, boot clips, and hangers are some shoe storage systems that are specially designed for storing boots. If you have plenty of boots that are giving you a tough time organizing, you can use any of these boot storage systems or boot organizers to organize your boots.

What Kind of Shoe Storage Should I Use for My Designer Shoes?

Designer shoes are expensive and delicate and need more attention than others. Also, if you have multiple designer shoes, you would wish to display them. The display-style cabinet is ideal for storing designer shoes. They come with a glass door and a lighting system inside to protect and display your shoes at the same time.

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