25 Best Walk-in Shower with Bench Ideas to Try

25 Ways to Create a Unique Shower with Bench

Looking for ways to upgrade your shower room? Then adding a shower bench is an excellent idea for revamping your shower room. Adding a bench to your shower has various benefits, from increasing accessibility, relaxation, and storage. It also makes your shower unique and enhances your shower room’s look. You can incorporate a shower bench as an in-built part of your shower or try portable benches.

Both types are practical and valuable, and you can find various unique options under each type. But built-in benches are ideal when you are remodeling or reconstructing your bathroom. On the other hand, portable or standalone benches are easy to incorporate, and you can add them anytime without reconstruction or remodeling work. Also, you must choose the bench’s material wisely to make it long-lasting and prevent accidents. Consider water-resistant, mold-free, easy-to-grip, and durable materials for walk-in shower benches.

Here, we will discuss 25 unique walk-in showers with bench ideas you can try.

25 Walk-In Showers with Bench Ideas

A walk-in shower with a bench can work if you want to improve your shower room. Today you can have plenty of options when it comes to a walk-in shower with a bench, so just try them.

1. Integrated Shower Bench

Integrated Shower Bench

Are you looking for some unique built-in benches for your shower? Then you can try the integrated shower bench. The integrated shower bench looks stunning and has a minimalist approach. But its look depends on the material you choose. Using tiles that go well with your entire shower room can help you create a magical look. You use similar color schemes for your bench or contrast the colors to make it stand out. Also, installing an integrated shower bench boost your shower room’s look.

2. Corner Seat for Space Saving

Corner Seat for Space Saving

If you are looking for a unique walk-in shower with bench ideas that do not need much space, then you can try space-saving corner seats. Corner seats are also built-in benches that help to save space. It is an ideal option for a small or compact shower room, as it does not take up much space and looks great. Also, you can use various materials and shades for the corner seat and compliment your walk-in shower with a bench.

3. Wooden Shower Bench

Wooden Shower Bench

Another interesting idea you can try to create a unique walk-in shower with a bench is getting a wooden shower bench. Wooden shower benches are durable, stylish, and functional and go well with various interiors. Also, you do not need to reconstruct your shower room to install them. But you should always choose strong and water-resistant woods like Teak, Oak, Elm, walnut, etc. Such wood resists mold, water, and moisture, lasts longer than other woods, and makes an ideal option for shower benches. You can try Forevich Bamboo Shower Bench Stool for a quality product experience.

4. Inset Shower Bench

Inset Shower Bench

An inset shower bench is another great way to create a beautiful walk-in shower with a bench. Inset shower benches add a relaxing charm to your shower room without taking up much space. It uses a blank wall of your shower room to create an inset shower bench. But you must choose calming shades for your inset shower bench for a shooting environment. Also, you can choose tiles according to your shower room interior to create a perfect blend. Plus, do not forget to place all the essential controls near the bench for easy access.

5. Wooden Wall-Mounted Shower Bench

Wooden Wall-Mounted Shower Bench

Another chic piece you can try to make a unique walk-in shower with a bench setup is the wooden wall-mounted shower bench. Wall-mounted wooden shower benches look classy and peaceful. Also, they are durable and can come in different sizes. So, you do not need to worry about the space issue. In addition, wall-mounted wooden benches do not take up much space, and you can have plenty of space to stand beneath the shower. Teak wood benches are best for shower rooms.

6. Storage Shower Bench

Storage Shower Bench

If you lack in-built storage in your shower room and want a portable storage bench, then you must try the storage shower bench. You can place all essential items on the tool and tuck it in a safe corner. It will help you store all your shampoo, loofa, and soap in one place. Also, storage tools do not take up much space, and you can still have enough space to stand under the shower. You can try stainless steel or Teak wood benches for long-lasting use.

7. Shower Window Bench

Shower Window Bench

If you are searching for some luxurious options for your walk-in shower with a bench? Then a shower window bench can be an excellent choice for your shower room. If your shower room is spacious and has a blank wall (with a window), you can convert it into a shower window bench. The shower window bench looks classy and luxurious, and you can enjoy natural lights while bathing. So, all you need is some reconstruction to create a beautiful shower window bench.

8. Two-Story Wooden Shower Tools

 Two-Story Wooden Shower Tools

How about a multi-purpose shower bench? Try a two-story wooden shower tool. Two-story wooden tools are easy-to-use, multipurpose, and save space. Irrespective of your shower room’s size, a two-story tool can fit easily. Also, if you lack storage space, you can use your essentials under the tool and use the above area for sitting. So, if you want to create a practical walk-in shower with a bench setup, you will love the two-story tool. Use Zhuoyue Bamboo Corner Shower Stool Bench that is elegant and simple.

9. Deep Shower Seat

Deep Shower Seat<

If you are looking for some effective way to create a serene atmosphere for your shower room, you must try the deep shower seat. Most people who want to make a unique walk-in shower with a bench opt for deep shower seats. You can install deep seats if you have good space in your shower room. Deep seats create an ideal space for your relaxation. You can enjoy your bath to the fullest after a long tiring day. Also, you can add in-built storage above for easy access.

10. Bamboo Shower Bench

Bamboo Shower Bench

Do you want to create a beautiful walk-in shower with a bench? You can use bamboo shower tools. The bamboo shower bench is pretty durable and does not occupy much space. Also, bamboo shower benches have a minimalist, casual look and go well with modern architecture and interior designs. Another plus point of using bamboo shower benches is they provide an expensive look without costing much as wooden or metal benches. Also, if you want, add some plant tubs or flower vases to get a calming environment. You can try Forevich’s Bamboo Shower Bench Stool.

11. Use A Garden Bench

 Use A Garden Bench

A shower bench can help you experience a relaxing bath. But you surely would not want to compromise the standing space in your shower room. In that case, a garden bench is ideal. You do not need to keep it inside the shower room. Keep it close to the shower so you can move it in and out whenever needed. The bench must be made of water-resistant wood, even if you are not always using it in the shower. This arrangement will also not ruin your standing space; you can bench whenever possible.

12. Extended Bathtub Ledge

 Extended Bathtub Ledge

An extended bathtub ledge is a clever walk-in shower with a bench idea. If you have a small space in your shower room, you must utilize it well. You can extend the edge of your tub and connect it to the walk-in shower seat. This will help you utilize your space in an exciting way. An extended bathtub cuts the need for installing a wall between the shower and your tub. You can use a glass partition to separate these two spaces, which will look elegant.

13. Short Shower Bench

Short Shower Bench

A short shower bench can be a great option to shower in a room if you have a small space. Also, a short shower bench can be beneficial if you do not want to waste your area and want something comfortable yet compact. Select any unused wall or side of your shower room and create an in-built short shower bench. Remember to coordinate with your shower room tiles or interior to create a simple, convenient walk-in shower with a bench.

14. Convenient Shower Bench

Convenient Shower Bench

A convenient shower bench is an approach that brings the comfort and luxury of a walk-in shower with a bench without making it complex. In a convenient shower bench setup, the bench is built on a wall of your shower room like many in-built shower benches. But the only difference is it is either located near the controls or the controls, and the hand shower is fixed next to the bench.

15. Designer Wooden Shower Tool

Designer Wooden Shower Tool

If you want to revamp your shower room and create a classy walk-in shower with a bench, try the designer wooden shower tools. For example, if you have some wooden shelves or wooden ceilings, you can pair a small designer wooden shower tool. It will fulfill the need for a shower bench and enhance your shower room’s look. Another great benefit of using a designer wooden shower tool is that it does take up much space and can fit in small spaces.

16. Try A Floating Seat

Try A Floating Seat

Floating seats are popular nowadays; they look simple, elegant, and trendy. You will love this floating seat if you love minimalist or modern design. A walk-in shower with a bench-like floating seat can help you redesign your shower room and add a brilliant look to your existing place. Floating seats are mounted on the wall and fall under the built-in type. You can use the same tiles on your floor or try contrasting shades for your floating seats, as both look great.

17. Foldable Wooden Shower Bench

Foldable Wooden Shower Bench

A foldable wooden shower bench can be a fantastic choice for convenience and simplicity. Foldable wooden shower benches are simple and convenient. They are easy to use, durable, and ideal for small spaces. If you have a compact shower room and do not have much space to install a permanent or built-in shower bench, you can opt for a foldable wooden shower bench. Bringing a foldable shower seat is a popular option in this category.

18. Spa-like Shower Bench

Spa-like Shower Bench

Nothing can beat a spa-like shower bench if you love a meditative environment and want to create an oasis in your shower room. A spa-like wooden shower bench can help you relax and unwind after a long day, and you can enjoy your bath in a comfortable environment. These benches often come in large sizes, but you can also have them in medium sizes if you do not have much space to fit the large ones. The spa-like shower benches are great tools to reflect your taste and improve shower room aesthetics.

19. Statement Shower Bench

Statement Shower Bench

Looking for some creative ideas for your walk-in shower with a bench? You may like to create a statement shower bench for a dynamic look. To make a statement with your shower bench, keep it at the center of your shower room and place two showers on two sides of your shower bench. You can also play a little with the tiles, try to color contrast, and help the bench stand out. Depending on your design, the statement shower bench can be classy, minimalist, or quirky.

20. Two-Person Shower Bench

 Two-Person Shower Bench

Two person shower bench can be a great way to improve your walk-in shower with a bench. You can benefit from a two-person shower bench if you have two shower heads on opposite walls. A double-person shower bench can accommodate two people. You can also use it to place your towels or use it as storage in your shower room. You can get a metal or wooden shower bench according to your shower room decor.

21. Marble Bench

Marble Bench

You can try a marble bench if you have a marble bathroom and want to expand the horizon. Marble benches are pretty, stylish, and elegant, enhancing your shower room’s beauty. Whether adding a large, deep marble bench or a small, compact bench, it must coordinate with your entire shower room setup. Also, you can try a marble bench in a riverside stone or tiles interior for creating a statement.

22. Tile up The Bench

 Tile up The Bench

Do you have a glossy tile bathroom? Then you can incorporate a built-in tile bench to match the surrounding and create a beautiful harmony. Using the same tiles on the floor, wall, and bench will create a uniform pattern. If you want a casual and simple look for your shower room, tiling up your shower bench is an excellent idea. To complete the look, you can add minimal decoration like a vase or showpiece.

23. Color Contrast Your Bench

Color Contrast Your Bench

Are you planning to upgrade your walk-in shower with a bench setup? Then you can add a shower bench that color contrasts your bathroom decor. Using a color contrast palette for your shower bench will highlight it and help you make it a centerpiece in your shower room. The best part is that you can create a beautiful, stylish setup with a simple color contrast scheme.

24. Try A Different Material

Try A Different Material

If you are looking for something different and unique for your shower room, you can try to install a shower bench with drastically different materials. Using a different material for your shower bench will create a dynamic look and give a visual depth to the place. For instance, if you have a marble or tile bathroom/shower room, you can add a wood or bamboo built-in bench to compliment the setup.

25.>Metal Adjustable Shower Chair

Metal Adjustable Shower Chair

Do you want a practical solution for your walk-in shower? Adjustable shower chairs are trendy and have a zero-hassle appearance. They are made with metal and resist water, mold, rust, etc. Also, adjustable metal shower chairs are portable, and you can move them anywhere. Metal adjustable shower chairs are very strong and last longer. And the most significant advantage of them is they come at cost-effective prices.

Summing It Up

All in all, if you want to upgrade your shower room, nothing can be better than adding a shower bench. A walk-in shower with a bench setup is popular nowadays, and most people prefer a shower bench in their bathroom. Shower benches can help you relax, unwind after a long day, or prevent long-standing hours under the shower so you do not have sore feet or cramps.

Also, adding a shower bench can enhance your shower room’s beauty and make it more luxurious. When adding a shower bench, you can experiment with various options, from Teak wood benches to marble or foldable metal seats. Above, we have listed 25 unique ideas for shower benches you can try.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose any method you like and redefine your shower room today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Shower Benches Important?

A shower bench is a helpful tool for your shower room. It helps you sit, relax, and enjoy your bath and eliminates the need to stand for long hours. It can improve the quality of baths and add a meditative touch. You can also use built-in or two-story benches to store essential bathing products. Plus, shower benches enhance the aesthetics of your shower room.

Can I Buy Shower Benches?

Shower benches are becoming popular nowadays, and most people prefer incorporating them in their shower rooms. You can get wooden shower benches from any furniture store or online shopping site. Also, if you want a permanent product, you can opt for built-in shower benches. Professionals can also help install built-in marble or tile benches and design them according to your shower room’s architecture.

Where Can I Buy Shower Benches?

You can buy your shower bench in multiple ways; the most effective and convenient method is to buy online. When you buy online, you can have thousands of options from various brands and compare them carefully before purchasing. Also, you can get shower benches from any nearby furniture store or bathroom accessory selling shops.

Buying a Shower Bench or An In-Built Shower Bench- Which is Better?

Many people get confused when choosing between built-in and purchasable shower benches. Multiple factors work to decide which is better: your taste, the size of your shower room, your budget, and whether you want a permanent or temporary solution. For example, if you want a cost-effective solution, you must buy one. But if you want a permanent solution,n you can opt for built-in benches.

Which is Better – A Wood or Marble Shower Bench?

It entirely depends on your preference. Some people assume a marble bench is more durable than wood, and to an extent, it may be correct, but not always. Shower benches made with Teak wood are durable, water and mold resistant, and last for years without any problem. So, choosing a shower bench depends on your choice and the interior design of your shower room.

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