24 DIY Wedding Card Box Ideas for Your Big Day

24 Wedding Card Box Ideas You Can DIY

A wedding becomes more special if your family members and friends leave a profound message from the heart. Their wishes make your wedding reception more charming and delightful. Apart from messages, the guests at your wedding reception also bring fascinating presents for you. The gifts can be bigger and more aesthetic. Thus, you should also send them a heartfelt message in return. Adding a DIY wedding card box to your reception table can impress the guests. Apart from that, your wedding may look more innovative and unique. There are several creative card boxes you can create for your marriage ceremony. Each consists of gift cards or well-wishes.

In this blog, you will learn about 24 interesting card box ideas for your wedding. You can buy them from the stores, or you can create your own personalized DIY-themed wedding card box. Just make sure it conveys an artistic vibe.

1. Candle Lantern Card Box

A candle lantern card box is a unique adaptation for your marriage. It may look more fascinating if you put a large candle on it. You can purchase this wedding card box from the store, or you can create it yourself. Just make sure it has four glass slides so that the guests can open it. A candle lantern card box not only impresses your guests but also leaves a long-lasting impression. It can convey an aesthetic vibe at your wedding reception.

Candle Lantern Card Box

2. Vintage Post Box

A vintage post box is a classical wedding card box. You can create it with cardboard or purchase it from the retail or online store. Just make sure it’s creative. Also, ensure that it may bear an aesthetic and elegant vibe at your wedding reception. It’s easy to create a vintage post box. Just bring a post box and customize it with fabric and glitter. Then, you can paint them with your favorite color and decorate them with adorable flowers.

Vintage Post Box

3. Classic Letter Box

A classic letter box is a cute piece for your marriage ceremony. It will positively impress your friends and guests. Aside from that, it can carry an artistic vibe throughout your reception. You can find them easily at the online or e-commerce stores. After buying it, you can design it with fabrics and other fascinating objects, like artificial flowers. You can also put real flowers on it. Apart from a classic letterbox, you can also add a modern mailbox-themed wedding card box.

Classic Letter Box

4. Miniature Greenhouse Card Box

A miniature greenhouse card box is a modern modification for your wedding reception. Nowadays, it has become very popular and trendy to decorate the reception table with a greenhouse wedding card box. Thus, choosing them for your guests isn’t a bad idea. It can impress your friends and relatives as well. There are so many fascinating miniature greenhouse card boxes available in the market. It includes a rustic wood greenhouse box, a squared greenhouse card box, and others. You can select any of them from online or retail stores.

Miniature Greenhouse Card Box

5. Wicker Hamper Card Box

People love to go on picnics. Thus, what about creating a similar vibe at your wedding reception? You can place a wicker basket-themed wedding card box at your reception. It may look innovative and establish a positive impact. Not only that, it can convey a rustic vibe. If you organize your wedding in the summer or spring, then this card box is a perfect transformation. After buying a wicker basket, you can customize it with your favorite elements, like small plants and flowers.

Wicker Hamper Card Box

6. Barrel Postcard Box

A barrel wedding card box is a unique idea for your reception table. You can place a classical barrel-themed wedding card box on the table. It can positively impress your guests and leave an optimistic impact. You can get a mini whisky barrel box or wine box at a retail store or online store. You can also use a modern barrel-themed card box for your wedding. Just make sure they are polished and clean. Then, put a letter inside or on the top of the card box.

Barrel Postcard Box

7. Photo Frame Card Box

What about adding a photo to the wedding card box? At a wedding ceremony, a lot of pictures were clicked. Thus, adding a photo frame card box isn’t a bad idea. It is a perfect thing for your DIY wedding card ideas. Just buy a wooden photo frame from the store and put the couple’s photo on it. If you want, you can also use a glass photo frame. Attach a letter behind the photo, and it will create an elegant vibe.

Photo Frame Card Box

8. Mini Basket Card Box

Adding a mini basket as your wedding card box is also a unique idea. It may carry a charming and artistic vibe throughout your wedding reception. Just ensure the basket is sleek and well-designed. You can put a classic miniature basket on the reception table. Apart from that, you can also bring a modern wire-themed mini basket. Just make sure they are well-polished and clean. Then decorate it with flowers or plants and add a letter to it. It will look more charming if you add the newly married couple’s photo to it.

 Mini Basket Card Box

9. Acrylic Card Box

An acrylic card box may help you establish a good impression on your guests. They are a modern and innovative adaptation of your DIY wedding card box ideas. It will also convey an aesthetic vibe throughout your wedding reception. An acrylic card box is a combination of traditional and modern vibes. Acrylic card boxes are affordable and easy to use. Putting a letter or card on it can assist you in creating a supreme impact. Just make sure you perfectly decorate them with flowers.

Acrylic Card Box

10. Vintage Suitcase Box

A vintage suitcase card box is perfect for people who love travel. It may create an optimistic impression on your friends and family members. It doesn’t matter if you are a travel lover or not; putting them on your reception table isn’t a bad idea. Just make sure they are well-designed. In addition, decorate them with miniature plants and flowers. Then place a couple’s photo with a letter on it. If possible, add some glitter or stickers to the suitcase-themed wedding card box.

 Vintage Suitcase Box

11. Wooden Card Box

A wooden card box is a simple but innovative adaptation for your DIY wedding card box ideas. You can create a wooden crate and put a card or letter on it. You can get a wooden crate box from online and retail stores. After purchasing the box, you can display your design skills. For instance, you can paint them with your favorite colors and decorate them with flowers, glitter, and other elements. A wooden card box may look elegant and establish an aesthetic vibe.

Wooden Card Box

12. Birdcage Card Box

It may look authentic if you add a birdcage-themed wedding card box to your reception table. A birdcage card box is a classic and vintage masterpiece. It can create a pragmatic impression on your guests, including your friends and relatives. You can purchase a birdcage card box from a retail or e-commerce store. After getting the card box, put a card holder on it. In addition, you can add some plants and flowers to give the card box a blushing and elegant look.

Birdcage Card Box

Cardboard card boxes are simple but may leave a significant and long-lasting impression on your guests. Just make sure you’ve added a well-designed cardboard wedding card box. Apart from that, you can create them with craft paper. It carries a rustic and elegant vibe to your card box. You can demonstrate it with your creative skills. A cardboard card box can be found in different shapes, such as squares, rectangles, and cubes.

Cardboard card boxes

14. LEGO Card Box

Everyone is very familiar with Lego toys. What about adding them to your wedding card box designs? You can create anything with the Lego blocks, even a card box. It may look innovative and unique. In addition, it can help you to create a superior impact on your guests. A Lego card box can be an eye-catching addition to your reception table. It will impress both adults and children. A Lego card box can convey an aesthetic vibe throughout your wedding reception.

LEGO Card Box

15. Globe Post Card Box

Apart from a suitcase-themed card box, you can add a globe-themed wedding card box if you’re a travel lover. Not only that, it is a perfect adaptation for a destination wedding ceremony. You can purchase it directly or use cardboard to create a global postcard box. It is an innovative approach and may help you in creating an artistic vibe. You can use cardboard and draw your wedding location on it. Besides these, you can also add a global map-themed card box.

Globe Post Card Box

16. Doll House Postcard Box

A doll-house wedding card box is a unique idea for your reception. It can be more innovative if you’re moving to another home after the marriage. It will establish a significant vibe and help you to create a positive impression. You can directly purchase a mini house-shaped card box from the market or online stores. Apart from that, you can create it with your woodwork skills. After that, paint them with proper color and add charming flowers or plants to give the doll house card box a delightful look.

Doll House Postcard Box

17. Pumpkin Card Box

Pumpkins are common fruits across the globe, especially in the United States. What about adding a bit of pumpkin to your wedding card box? It will be a best idea if you’re planning to get married in the autumn. Add a pumpkin-shaped card box to your reception table for your guests. It will create a unique and creative vibe at your wedding ceremony. In general, pumpkin boxes are popular on Halloween, but putting them on your wedding day can unleash your creative side.

Pumpkin Card Box

18. Sea Hut Post Box

There are a few people who love beaches or the seaside. Thus, they want to create a similar vibe at their wedding. Even a few beach-loving couples organize their weddings near the seashore. In order to create a beach vibe at your reception, you can add a sea hut wedding card box. If you love the artwork, then you can demonstrate your skills. After that, decorate the sea hut or beach box with appropriate colors and elements.

Sea Hut Post Box

19. Wishing Well Card Box

A wishing well postcard box is a unique concept that you can add to your reception. It may be a sign of a fairytale wedding. Putting them on the reception table can impress your loved ones. Apart from that, it may convey an aesthetic vibe throughout your marriage ceremony. You can find them in any e-commerce store, or you can make them using an octagon card box. Make sure you design them well with beautiful flowers. Add a ribbon to give this wedding card box an impressive look.

 Wishing Well Card Box

20. Milk Can Card Box

Nothing is better than a classic or vintage milk can. Milk can wedding card box can help you in creating an artistic and rustic vibe at your wedding reception. You can get them in any retail or online store. If you want, you can create a personalized milk can-shaped card box with your artistic skills. Don’t forget to add flowers to it. The best way to give the milk can card box a classy look is to apply spray paint. It may become a good addition to your reception table.

 Milk Can Card Box

21. Toy Car Card Box

There are a few people who love driving cars. So, what about adding a car-themed wedding card box? No, you don’t have to add an actual car; you can add a toy car-shaped card box. This may look innovative and astonishing. A toy car card box will be an adorable adaptation for your reception table. Imagine that Ferrari is your favorite car brand, then add a Ferrari-inspired toy car card box. You can choose any car brand, like Lamborghini, Volkswagen, and others.

Toy Car Card Box

22. Comic Book inspired Card Box

Not only kids but also adults love reading comic books. For instance, Marvel, DC, and the Monsterverse have gained popularity throughout the years. Everyone loves superhero movies or comics. You can create a similar vibe at your wedding reception. It may assist you in establishing a positive impact on your guests. It may impress both kids and adults. If you fail to find any of these card boxes, then purchase a vintage wedding card box and customize it with comic book stickers.

Comic Book inspired Card Box

23. Diamond Shaped Card Box

According to people, diamonds are so precious. They are more valuable than a bar of gold and a block of platinum. Thus, adding a diamond-themed wedding card box isn’t a bad idea. It may establish a stylish and innovative look at your wedding reception. You can apply your DIY skills to make this precious gemstone-inspired card box. Also, unleash your paper-cutting skills. Use cardboard that contains thick foam, and make it a diamond-shaped card box. It will convey an artistic and charming vibe throughout your wedding reception.

Diamond Shaped Card Box

24. Wedding Cake Card Box

A wedding cake is essential for your wedding day. What about a cake-themed wedding card box? It may be an innovative adaptation to your DIY card box ideas. You can find them directly in the market or online stores. If you failed to find any wedding cake-themed card boxes, then purchase an octagon card box. After that, demonstrate your innovative skills. Design the cardboard with the proper objects so that it looks like a wedding cake. Putting them on your reception table can carry an aesthetic vibe and impress your guests.

Wedding Cake Card Box

Summing It Up

All in all, a wedding reception can become more special with a fascinating card box. There are different card boxes that you can put on your reception table for your guests. Each consists of beautiful, stylish, and glossy designs. In addition, each conveys a significant aesthetic vibe. You can buy them from the market or can create your own designed DIY card box. Vintage letter boxes, suitcases, acrylic, and cardboard boxes are familiar across the globe.

Meanwhile, a LEGO card box or a comic book-inspired card box is an innovative approach. There are a few card boxes, such as wedding cake-themed or diamond-themed, that are rarely available in the stores. In this case, you demonstrate your customization skills on octagon or vintage card boxes. In this blog, you have gained a piece of knowledge about designing a DIY wedding card box.

Which idea do you find more eye-catching? Let us know in the comments.

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