18 DIY Small Laundry Room Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Everyone desires to have a clean and neat laundry room in their home. However, most people fail to make it happen due to the lack of space in their area. It takes much effort to clean the clothes and remove the stains from them.

Cleaning the clothes in the washing machine isn’t enough; the clothes also take much time to dry. In addition, it takes up a lot of space in the room. People get stressed out while managing all the things in their homes. In this blog, you will find a few DIY small laundry room ideas. It can guide you in setting up a laundry room perfectly with some creativity.

You can add colorful textiles or bold patterns to give a perfect makeover to your little laundry room. Apart from that, you can add colorful or multi-functional shelves to it.

Here are 18 fascinating ideas to make it possible.

1. Keep it Simple

Keep it Simple

Having a simple and small laundry room can be interesting. It may not take much effort and also help you from getting rid of stress. Sometimes, people find it difficult to clean their clothes because of low spaces. Thus, making a simple DIY small laundry room is beneficial for them. It is a popular and budget-friendly idea. Now the question is how to give your laundry room a simple makeover.

The process is very easy. You can apply the followings:

  • Just put one washing machine with a basket near it.
  • Add a washing machine in a small cabinet.
  • Putting minimum shelves or cabinets.

2. Well Furnished Materials

Well Furnished Materials

If you want to make your DIY small laundry room more creative, you can add some polished materials. A well-furnished material can give your laundry room an appealing look. In addition, it can help you in designing the laundry room more perfectly. Also, make sure that you keep your laundry room clean and neat. Adding multiple well-furnished materials cannot be enough if you fail to maintain them. You can add hardwood cabinets or shelves to your laundry room. Apart from that, add cool marble stones to the floor or in the sink to make it more creative. You can put black or white-colored marble or interiors in the laundry room.

3. Impressive Floor Designs

Impressive Floor Designs

Adding a creative design to your floor can give a charming look to your laundry room. Just like well-designed materials, floor designs are also necessary to set up a DIY small laundry room. You can put flowering designs on your floor; it may look unique. Aside from that, applying brown marble to the floor can shape your small laundry room. The brown floor designs can enhance the earth tones. Adding the same colored cabinet or washing machines will make it more creative. You can add clay-colored tiles to your floor. It can carry out a warm atmosphere in the laundry room. As a result, you may not feel stressed while cleaning the clothes.

4. Spectacular Wall Designs

Spectacular Wall Designs

Placing a spectacular wall design in your laundry room is as creative as adding a beautiful floor design. It may also provide an attractive look in your house. In addition, it is a unique approach to DIY small laundry room ideas. Apply bold patterns on the wall and colorful paintings to make it more creative. Besides these, apply marble or tiles on your walls with flowering textiles. Make sure the interiors you are adding to your wall go perfectly with your laundry room. For example, if your washing machines are blue, then paint the wall with blue or relatable colors. An adequate wall interior can help you establish your dream laundry room in your home.

5. Adding Curtains

Adding Curtains

People add curtains in almost every corner of their houses. So, putting a curtain in your laundry room isn’t a bad idea. It will be a unique and innovative adaptation to your DIY small laundry room ideas. Sometimes the laundry room is attached to our living room. It creates an awkward situation when someone, such as a guest, visits your home. In order to avoid the situation, you must put on a curtain. Just make sure you’re adding a solid-colored curtain, not a light-colored one. You can try these examples:

  • Add a red or green, or blue colored curtain.
  • Adding a solid-colored curtain with floral designs.
  • A solid-colored curtain with horizontal or vertical patterns.

6. Putting a Sink

Putting a Sink

Sinks or basins are common household items. People use them on a regular basis. From waking up from bed in the morning to going to bed at night, they are useful. Everyone brushes their teeth and washes their hands or faces in a basin. Similarly, people wash cooking pots and dishes in a sink. Thus, adding a sink or a basin in your laundry room is a good creative idea. After washing the clothes, you can wash your hands in the sink. Apart from that, you can set up your laundry near the basin. It can be a brilliant adaptation to your DIY small laundry room ideas. In order to enhance creativity, add a sink that has the same color as the washing machines or the room.

7. Washing Machines that Match the Wall Colors

Washing Machines that Match the Wall Colors

Washing machines are one of the basic things to put in your laundry rooms. They help you to clean your clothes with a proper wash. Putting a washing machine completes your DIY small laundry room ideas. In a few houses, people add two washing machines. Although, it’s up to you. Putting a washing machine or two that matches the wall colors is an impressive approach. It can give your laundry room a more aesthetic look. Not only that, it may establish a good impression on the guests. If your wall color is blue, then bring a blue or relatable colored washing machine. Also, you can buy washing machines that go perfectly with your interiors.

8. Multiple Shelves

Multiple Shelves

Shelves are important for any room in your house. For example, you add a bookshelf near your living or study room. People also have a shelf in their bedrooms. So, what about adding shelves in your laundry room? Previously, you’ve heard about adding a cabinet to the room. Similarly, putting multiple shelves can give your DIY small laundry room a complete makeover. Having multiple shelves can bring a lot of advantages. For instance, it can give you a space for keeping your detergents, towels, and other items. You can put wooden and well-furnished shelves in your laundry room. It may give the room a unique and magnificent look.

9. Adding a Shade of Blue

Adding a Shade of Blue

Blue represents the color of the water. You require water to wash your clothes. Thus, adding a shade of blue on the wall can give a perfect look to your DIY small laundry room. The blue color also bears coolness, tranquillity, and peace. So, putting a cool shade of blue can make your laundry room’s wall more appealing and charming. Just make sure you give it a glossy finish. Along with the wall, add shades of blue to your furnished materials. For example, paint the shelves blue or add a blue sink. Not only that, you can put a touch of blue on your floor designs. Also, you can add blue washing machines in your laundry room.

10. Adding a Shade of Pink

Adding a Shade of Pink

Just like blue, pink is also a fascinating color. You can add this color to the wall of your DIY small laundry room. The pink color represents playfulness and nostalgia. It also carries a vibrant and relaxing environment in your home. Thus, paint your laundry room’s walls with pink color. It can establish elegance in your house. Apart from paintings, you can add pink interiors to your laundry room’s wall. In addition, you can paint your shelves pink or add a shade of pink to the floor designs. Correspondingly, you can bring a pink-colored sink or washing machine to give a perfect makeover. It will also impress your visitors.

11. Decorating the Shelves

Decorating the Shelves

Previously, you’ve heard about adding multiple shelves in your laundry room. Shelves help you in creating space for many items. The shelves are a really important addition to your DIY small laundry room ideas. You’ve heard about floor designs or wall interiors that you can add to your room. Similarly, what about decorative shelves? You can set up the shelves with folded towels and put other important items on them. If you want, you can provide a cover for your shelves. It may not only protect them from dust or stains but also give them a charming look. Decorate your shelves to give a perfect makeover to your laundry room.

12. Putting Wooden Cabinets

Putting Wooden Cabinets

Putting a wooden cabinet is a perfect adaptation to your DIY small laundry room ideas. It may provide a well-furnished look and create a charming atmosphere. The wooden cabinets can carry nostalgia in your laundry room. Make sure your wooden cabinet consists of an adequate amount of shelves. Wooden cabinets can bring luxury to your house. It can impress the visitors in a positive way. A furnished wooden cabinet goes perfectly with an appropriate interior and floor design. However, they also required a vast amount of maintenance. You have to ensure that they are cleaned and protected from the termites. In order to carry elegance, add a wooden cabinet in the laundry room.

13. Countertop with Multiple Baskets

Countertop with Multiple Baskets

You can stack up multiple laundry baskets on the cabinets. It is essential for your DIY small laundry room design. It goes perfectly with your wall or ceiling interiors. After washing the clothes, you put them in a basket. All the clothes may not fit perfectly in one basket. As a result, you feel stressed. Having multiple baskets can help you in getting rid of these types of issues, and it will also reduce your stress level. If you add multiple baskets to your shelves or in the cabinet, your laundry room may look well-maintained. Just ensure the baskets has the matching colors as the laundry room.

14. Soft Glowing Light

Soft Glowing Light

Placing a soft glowing light can enhance the beauty of your laundry room. For example, you can put a pendant light in the room to make it glow. It may give your DIY small living room an enchanting look. Not only that, it may impress your guests as well. It’s not mandatory to add a light in the laundry room, but it won’t cause you any loss. It doesn’t matter how large the laundry room is; a pendant light can lighten up the place. If you want, you can add a small LED bulb or light in that area. The LED bulbs come with a long lifespan and energy efficiency.

15. Placing One or Two Plants

Placing One or Two Plants

Putting a piece of greenery isn’t a bad idea. Nowadays, many people add a houseplant or two in their living or bedroom. So, putting a plant in the laundry can enhance your DIY small laundry room design ideas. The plants can establish an appealing look in your laundry room. Adding small houseplants is becoming a huge trend in the world. Thus, you can put one or multiple small plants on the cabinet. You can also place them near the shelves. A green plant not only improves your laundry room’s design but also helps you to create a positive impression. Bring a green plant as soon as possible.

16. Putting a Laundry Closet

Putting a Laundry Closet

Usually, people add a closet in their bedrooms. What about putting the closet in the laundry room instead? Most people feel stressed while washing clothes and then putting them back in the closet. It also takes much effort and time. Thus, adding a closet in your DIY small laundry room can reduce your workload. As a result, you may feel relaxed. After washing the clothes, you can put them back into the closet in the laundry room. Just wait for the clothes to dry. A laundry closet can help you in several ways. Also, don’t forget to put a closet that goes perfectly with the laundry room’s interior and design.

17. Combining with Bathroom

Combining with Bathroom

It may sound weird, but you can add your laundry room near your bathroom. Attaching laundry near the shower room is common in many countries, especially the East Asian countries (Japan, China, Korea, and others). You can follow this concept to evolve your DIY small laundry room design ideas. You can go for a shower peacefully after putting the clothes in the washing machine. Apart from that, you may wash your clothes while having a cold or warm shower. It may reduce your workload. After coming from the bath, you can tie up the clothes on DIY hangers to dry. So, set up a laundry room near or close to your shower room.

18. Incorporating with Kitchen

Incorporating with Kitchen

Merging your laundry room with your bathroom is a fascinating idea. Similarly, adding a laundry room near your kitchen is also a brilliant approach. You can cook and wash your clothes at the same time. It is a unique adaption to your DIY small living room design ideas. You can cook your meal with calmness after putting the clothes in the washing machine. This can lessen your workload and save you time. Also, put an additional sink or a basin. The machines can clean your clothes while you prepare your food. After that, you can hang the washed clothes on DIY hangersto soak. This may guide you to enjoy your meal peacefully.

Summing Up

In conclusion, having a personal laundry room is a dream for so many people. They fail to make it happen due to a lack of space in their home. However, it’s not a problem anymore. You can adapt simple procedures to establish your DIY small laundry room design ideas. If you are strict with a particular budget, just design your laundry room in a simple way.

On the other hand, you can add fascinating interiors on the walls or tiles on the floor. It may create an appealing view of your laundry room. Then, you can add a matching washing machine or a cabinet in that area. Some people add multiple washing machines or shelves. Attaching the laundry room with the shower room or kitchen is a trend nowadays.

Hopefully, this blog assist you in learning a few makeover ideas to design your laundry room.

Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

Sherry Petersik
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