21 Best Blanket Storage Ideas That Are Affordable And Unique

Do you find organizing blankets overwhelming? Then you will find this piece of writing helpful. Blankets are essential in your household, but you do not realize how you have accumulated so many of them over the years. They can keep you warm in the cold and create a cozy and soothing quilt for you. But they can also give you a headache when you try to organize them and keep them safe.

Also, leaving your blankets recklessly can damage them and cause trouble with space. So, you must keep your blankets well-stored to keep them safe and avoid the hassles of scattered blankets all over your place. But most people feel like it is a nightmare to organize their blankets. They have difficulty keeping their blankets safe, organized, and accessible for any need.

So, if you are also troubled by your blankets, keep reading. Here we will share a list of 21 ingenious blanket storage ideas.

21 Best Blanket Storage Ideas

Blankets can be troublesome to manage and keep healthy. Also, you can be frustrated finding a suitable solution to collar these comforters and keep your space clean and neat can be frustrating. So, below we will list the top 21 blanket storage ideas you can try.

1. Wall-Mounted Blanket Rack

Wall-Mounted Blanket Rack

Wall-mounted blanket racks are popular, and many people use them nowadays. If you do not want other furniture to take up your floor space or have a short space, you can try this blanket storage idea. Wall-mounted blanket racks do not take up much space and are highly functional. You can get professional help to install a Wall-mounted blanket rack in your or DIY to save money. You can also customize the rack’s size according to your needs. If you want to DIY the rack, you will need 1×2 timbers to build the rack. Also, you can paint them to match your room’s interior.

2. Wooden Chest for Blanket Storage

Wooden Chest for Blanket Storage

Another great way you can keep your blankets safe and organized is by using a wooden chest for blanket keeping. Wooden chests are durable, look great, and are easy to use. You can store your blankets inside the chest and place them in a corner of your room. The best part of using wooden chests is that they come in various wood finishes, sizes, and designs; you can choose according to your preference. The SUPER DEAL blanket storage chest is a premium-quality blanket storage that you can try.

3. Wooden Blanket Ladder

Wooden Blanket Ladder

If you want to be a little creative with your blank storage, this blanket-keeping idea will amaze you. Get a wooden ladder and place it in the corner of your room to hang your blankets one by one. Using a ladder helps you to organize your blankets and keep them off the floor. Also, you can paint them to match your room’s interior and add to the aesthetics. Delywh wooden blanket ladders are durable, elegant, and suit different house setups. For instance, if you have a cottage-style interior, you can paint your wooden ladder with brown or black color for a dynamic look.

4. Cozy Blanket Chest

Cozy Blanket Chest

If you have enough space at home and no problem installing a new piece of furniture, you can try this blanket storage idea. A cozy blanket chest is an ideal place to keep your blankets organized and easy to access. Also, when you choose a chest to store your blankets and de-clutter your space. Scattered blankets take up space and create hurdles in your move. So, keep them inside a cozy chest and place them in your living room or bedroom. You can use the upper (soft) sitting surface to store your blankets inside.

5. Metal Portable Ladder for Blanket Keeping

Metal Portable Ladder for Blanket Keeping

Portable metal ladders for blanket keeping can be a great way to store your blankets without taking up much space. Also, metal ladders are durable, strong and can take the weight of your blankets without any problem. If you have a spare ladder, you can use it to organize your blankets. But if you do not have one, you can buy metal ladder blanket storage from online stores. The best part of using metal ladders is that you can stack multiple blankets on them. Also, metal ladders are portable, and you can move them anywhere you need. You can opt for Pickpiff Black Metal Blanket Ladder to store your blankets.

6. Blankets Storing Metal Basket

Blankets Storing Metal Basket

You can try the blanket-storing metal basket if you want something simple and easy to use for your blanket storage. Metal baskets for blanket keeping look simple and neat. You can place them under a table, on the shelves, or in the corner of your room to store your blankets. Metal baskets are durable, light and come in various sizes. You can buy them in combo packs if you have too many blankets to keep, or just get one large to store all of them in one place. Try Porto Boutique Round wire basket for blankets for high-quality products.

7. Use a Blanket Crate

Use a Blanket Crate

Using a blanket crate will give your home a farmhouse-style look, and you can store multiple blankets and pillows in one crate. Nowadays, blanket storage crates are available in online stores. Also, you can find a simple custom blanket crate with a message that looks excellent in modern house setups. You can place your blanket crates in the living room or bedroom to store your blankets. It will look like furniture with multiple rolled-up blankets lining the crate. Also, you can keep a vase next to the carte or pair it with other furniture to get the best results. If you want to save money, you can DIY one with timbers.

8. Use A Tall Cupboard

 Use A Tall Cupboard

Use a cupboard to store the blankets you pile on the corner or floor. Keeping your blankets unorganized and scattered shortens their life span and makes your room messy. You can get a tall cupboard dedicated to your blankets to keep them safe and organized. Cupboards with closed doors help you prevent dust, dirt, and damage outside. You can buy them online or ask professionals to build a wardrobe according to your need.

9. Wall-Mounted Pipe Blanket Ladder

Wall-Mounted Pipe Blanket Ladder

Another interesting blanket storage idea can be a Wall-mounted pipe blanket ladder. They are simple, elegant, and helpful in storing your blankets off the floor. Also, the Wall-mounted industrial pipe blanket ladder is durable and fits various types of house architectures. They are available in online stores. But if you wish, you can also DIY it for yourself. To build a Wall-mounted pipe blanket ladder, you need metal or PVC pipes and some instruments to cut and attach the pipes. Also, you ask professionals to build a Wall-mounted pipe blanket ladder on your behalf.

10. Rope Basket for Blankets

Rope Basket for Blankets

Rope baskets are also helpful and reliable blanket-keeping storage; you can try to store your blankets. Rope baskets are pretty popular nowadays, and most people use them to keep their blankets safe. Also, they look aesthetically pleasing and suit different home environments. INDRESSME XXXLarge Cotton Rope Basket is durable, elegant, and has storage for multiple blankets. You can keep your rope basket under the tables or over the shelves and store your blankets in them. It will help you keep your blankets organized and safe. The best part of rope blanket baskets is that they are eco-friendly, and you can create a statement with them.

11. Repurpose Your Vintage Cabinet

Repurpose Your Vintage Cabinet

If you are looking for blanket storage ideas to help you utilize your old furniture, then this idea amazes you. If you have any old vintage cabinets you do not use now, you can convert them into a blanket display and storage. It is a convenient and easy way to store your blankets without spending much money. You can do some repairs and repainting depending on the condition and use it to keep your blankets in good condition. Also, if your vintage cabinet has an all-wooden door, you can replace the middle panel with glass to revamp your cabinet.

12. Blanket Bin

Blanket Bin

Do you want something easy to use and classy? Then our next blank storage idea will indeed interest you. Blanket bins are ubiquitous and available in both online and offline stores. They are simple, hassle-free, and durable, so you can use them for a long time without worries. Also, blanket storage bins are portable; you take them anywhere. They come in various materials like transparent plastic, cloth, and even wood. It gives flexibility, and you can choose anything according to your needs. You can try Blanket bins by Budding Joy for quality and durability.

13. Repurpose A Toy Chest

Repurpose A Toy Chest

Do you still have your child’s old toy chest they no longer use? Then you can repurpose it and use it as a storage unit. Old toy chests are ideal for storing blankets as they are durable, spacious, and easy to move. You can keep your blankets in it and place them in the corner of your room when you are not using them. It will help you keep your blankets organized and easy to access. Also, you can access them easily at any time you wish. If you do not have one, you can buy them online.

14. Opt for An Ottoman Blanket Storage

Opt for An Ottoman Blanket Storage

Ottoman blanket storage is one of the most valuable and versatile blanket-keeping methods. Ottoman blanket keepers are popular, and many people like to use them to keep blankets out of sight (off-season). Ottomans are great for tucking your blankets and the upper surface for sitting or keeping things. Another great benefit of using Ottoman blanket keepers is they come in various shapes and sizes, and you can choose them according to your need.

15. Repurpose Your Magazine Rack

Repurpose Your Magazine Rack

Another great way to store your blankets without purchasing new furniture or spending much money is to repurpose your magazine rack. If you want something convenient and cost-effective, repurposing is ideal. Use your old magazine rack and convert it into blanket storage. This way, you do not need to spend much money and store your blankets without any trouble. You can try painting and refurbishing work to restyle the magazine rack and use it as a new blanket keeper.

16. Try A Coffee Table with Baskets

Try A Coffee Table with Baskets

If you want to use this opportunity to get useful furniture and excellent blanket keepers both in one, then our next option is tailor-made for you. A coffee table with baskets works as a versatile piece of furniture. You can keep your blankets in the basket and use the upper surface as your coffee table. They are also quite stylish and come in various styles and shades. For example, if you have a cottage-like home interior, you can try wood surfaces for a suitable look.

17. DIY A Wall-Mounted Rack

DIY A Wall-Mounted Rack

If you want to upscale your DIY skills and build blanket storage, you can create your own wall-mounted rack. It will require some reconstruction to build a wall-mounted shelf for storing blankets. You can start by identifying an unused wall and creating a multi-story rack using timbers. Also, if you do not want to do it yourself, hire professionals to help you make an in-built rack to store blankets. In addition, you can add a frame or paint the rack to match your room’s decor.

18. Use Your Bed’s In-Built Storage

Use Your Bed's In-Built Storage

Are you looking for some zero-cost yet effective blanket storage ideas? Then you may like our following method to store blankets. You can turn that extra space into a blanket keeper if you have a storage bed. It will help you utilize your bed storage, and you no longer need to worry about your blankets. Plus, you do not have to spend a single penny to get storage for your blankets. Keep your blankets under the bed (off-season), and bring them back when needed.

19. Use Your Sofa Handles and Backs

 Use Your Sofa Handles and Backs

If you do not have any issues with keeping your blankets in sight, you can try our next hack. If you have some light blankets that you need to store in an accessible place, just roll them up and keep them on your sofa handles and backs to grab them whenever needed. Also, when you place them on the sofa, they will work as additional pillows for your sofa. Living room sofas are the best to keep extra blankets and save space.

20. Use Guestroom Cupboards

Use Guestroom Cupboards

If your bedroom cupboards are full of clothes and blankets and you still have some extra blankets that you need to store, you can use your guest room cupboards as blanket storage. Most of us leave guest room cupboards free for the guests. But you can use those cupboards to keep your blankets when you do not have guests. This will help you save money by installing a new blanket organizer and decluttering your home.

21. Handwoven Large Basket with Lid

Handwoven Large Basket with Lid

Another excellent option you can try to store your blankets is a large hand-woven basket (with a lid). Handwoven baskets are durable, stylish, and great for storing blankets, pillows, and more. If you have enough space, you can opt for these baskets to keep your blankets safe and organized. These baskets have a lid to prevent dust and dirt from damaging your blankets. Greenstell Storage Basket with Lid is made with eco-friendly materials, giving enough space to store blankets. You can use them to keep your blankets and place them anywhere in your bedroom or laundry room.

Summing It Up

Keeping blankets in good condition is essential to use them for a long time. Also, if you have a wide range of expensive blankets, keeping them safe becomes necessary. On the other hand, leaving your blankets piled up in a corner or on the floor will make your room look messy and challenging to move through. Still, keeping these comforters organized is difficult, especially if you do not know the right solutions.

Above, we have discussed the 21 best blanket storage ideas to keep your blankets well-organized and safe. You can keep them inside an Ottoman or storage coffee table or under a bed or guest room cupboards. You can also install wall-mounted racks and ladders to store blankets. WISELIFE Storage Bags are one of the popular blanket-keeping options you can try. So, have you picked any of these storage ideas to keep your blankets safe?

Select any method that appeals to you, improves your household look, and keeps your blankets safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Blanket Storage for Bedroom?

You can have multiple options for storing blankets and keeping them safe, and there are several options you can use to store blankets in your bedroom. Also, the best blanket keeper for the bedroom will depend on the space you have and your choice. If you have enough space, you can opt for large baskets with lids, wood, or metal ladders. But if you lack space, store them inside the bed or try wall-mounted racks.

Which is the Best Blanket Keeping Idea for My Living Room?

Multiple options are suitable for storing blankets in your living room. But the best storage to keep your blankets in the living room depends on your taste and the space in your living room. Add a coffee storage table or an Ottoman bench to store blankets if you have a good space. But if you do not have much space, you can opt for wall-mounted racks or repurposed furniture to keep your blankets.

Are All Blanket Storages Expensive?

No, all blanket keepers don’t need to be expensive. In fact, you can have cost-effective version options to store your blankets. Also, if you opt for DIY storage ideas, you can save money and build cost-effective yet functional storage for your blankets. In addition, repurposing old furniture or utilizing other storage like bed storage or guest room cupboards does not need to spend a single penny to store blankets.

Can I Repurpose Any Furniture To Store My Blankets?

Of course! You can repurpose several pieces of furniture and use them to store your blankets for cost-effective storage. Also, repurposing storage helps to get a little creative and adds a personal touch to it. For example, you can repurpose your vintage cabinet or magazine rack and convert them into blanket storage. The best part of repurposing is finding a sustainable solution that does not cost much money.

From Where Can I Buy Blanket Storage Bins?

Buying blanket storage bins is easy; you can get them from online stores or your local furniture stores. But online buying has more benefits, and most people prefer to buy blanket storage online over in-store. You can have thousands of options from various trusted brands when you opt for online purchases. Also, you can get occasional deals and combo packs that can help in cost-effective purchases.

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