20 Stunning Pictures of Old Barns from Around the World

Stunning Pictures of Old Barns from Around the World

Have you ever considered what it is like to be in a huge enclosure with your favorite animals? From horses to cows, barns have always provided a secure environment for taking care of them all. For those who grew up on farms in Canada and the USA, barns are an essential part of any farm.

A number of city-dwellers fall in love upon seeing old barns, including rustic and abandoned barns, especially in areas of the mid-West such as Idaho. There are a number of barns in the vast countryside, including in rural Canada, the northern United States, and Finland, where they vary in style and appearance. Natural elements add to the beauty of the pictures and create unique artistic patterns.

If you are a barn-lover, keep reading to see art in architecture in the form of old pole barn pictures.

1. Grassy Prairie House

Grassy Prairie House

This photo represents an old barn in the middle of Colorado. The blue skies are a regular part of the scene, and the free view is a great addition to an already compact barn. The old barn sees the seasons pass by and experiences nature throughout the year. The grasses provide a simple scenery to the image, and the fence is reinforced to keep out stray animals and predators, including multiple layers of wood and metal bars for the entry point.

2. Crimson Barn

Crimson Barn

The red barn is a trademark of Michigan and nearby states since deep red absorbs heat and keeps livestock warm. The red paint used for Michigan farms was used to protect raw wood from natural elements as a functional barrier. Homemade paint consisted of raw skimmed milk, red iron oxide earth pigments, and lime. The oxide provides a red tint, and the coating hardens, then lasts for years, which can be enhanced by linseed oil which absorbs oils and protects the wood.

3. Wispy Skies

Wispy Skies

An abandoned barn stands near Alberta. It has large openings for air circulation and space for taking care of all farming needs. The old structure has a sloped roof for snow, and the strong wooden structure stands strong today. The supporting walls allow for protection against different climatic conditions as well since any winds bounce off the sides upward or downward. Wooden construction allows for the hollow structure of the barn, and a chimney protrudes from the roof. Smaller openings have been boarded up to prevent animals from entering.

4. Shared Roof

Shared Roof

Larger than some barns, this weathered old barn has multiple window openings. The barn looks like it is built at the end of the horizon from the billows of clouds behind it. Low and high roofs encourage both storage and animal stays to be accommodated. The higher roof was a style of the time, and the windows were positioned to avoid certain wind drafts that could be harmful to animals. There are flowers in the field in front of the barn, and the building was also used as a prairie homestead. The common roof shows holes from the elements, and the pair of buildings can be used in a number of ways, including raising animals and storing rakes or tools.

5. A Relic of Time

A Relic of Time

The broken structure of this Canadian barn shows the amount of wear and tear it has undergone in the elements. The chipping paint indicates the old red coating and the rustic style results from the damage inflicted on it over time. The forest around it makes it a secluded but peaceful layout in the area. Pieces of the barn are coming apart as it is reclaimed by time, and the window opening is crooked. Two antennae are found on top of the barn, and the roof is able to extend beyond the edges of the structure.

6. Hidden in The Trees

Hidden in The Trees

With a wooden fence in front of the barn, the face of the barn is symmetric. The overhanging roof provides a home-like appearance to the barn, which is situated on elevated land. Animals could be let out into the fenced area with confidence and get a taste of the cool winds and glimpses of the blue skies through an overhead view. The snow is seen clearing from the roof over time as the sun shines from above. The fence in front of the barn has height but requires reinforcement to ensure strength.

7. Weathering Away

Weathering Away

The larger abandoned barn is able to house horses and cows with ease, whereas the smaller structures are used for chickens and smaller animals. They are three old abandoned barns in the countryside with gradual damage to the roof and walls. The roof tiles are flat and smooth for easy replacement and snow to melt off. The side of the roof has begun to show weathering, which may have resulted from a storm that ripped off a chunk and exposed the interior of the barn. Several openings are found in both barns, with the heightened ones being for animals to enter and exit without difficulty.

8. Rusted Roofs

Rusted Roofs

This abandoned barn in Texas has rusted metal panels as its roof. The barn has a fenced design from the inside out as a combined and efficient design since the entire barn structure is protective for the simple enclosure. Wooden fences provide an open design and view to the outside from the inner building. The metal panels are removable, making them replaceable, but they are also sturdy when kept in the building.

9. Sunsets at The Barn

Sunsets at The Barn

The vibrant skies and background behind the barn show a vast land surrounding the rustic barn. The pyramid shape resembles a traditional tent design and provides easy cleaning of snow. A tranquil environment encompasses the land, and it provides livestock with plenty to graze on, depending on the season. The two buildings allow for more space to keep tools and animals. The outer fenced space provides an aerated environment for animals to be kept, particularly cows. The fence provides a border but ends in convergence with the roof without taking up extra space.

10. A Lonely Find

 A Lonely Find

The curved roof helps protect the old barn from rain and snow accumulating, and the curved interior allows for easy cleaning. The old barn does not show as many openings and protects horses from the cold. The exits are thus boarded up in the winter and can be opened in the summer to let in sunshine and fresh air. Symmetric openings allow for maintaining two stables if needed, and the fence from the front prevents the escape of animals. The silo at the back is large and cylindrical, resembling a tank of sorts.

11. A Rainbow Above

 A Rainbow Above

The barn is elevated on land and allows for the protection of poultry and livestock from wolves and large predators. The rainbow above is a rare but beautiful element of the scene. The design gives a view of the fence and gives a protective outlook of the area for suspicious noises and visitors. Extended roof structure allows for air circulation without letting in severe cold. The wooden structure is easily impacted but also easily repairable for both seasonal requirements and maintenance. The grassy landscape is free grazing land for farm animals.

12. Under the Blue Skies

Under the Blue Skies

As a solitary building, this old barn witnesses the white clouds moving across the blue skies while it is fully sheltered and boarded up. There are only openings adequate for an owl to enter and exit. The exterior appears to have a water trough or extension for storage or entry into the barn. The red paint allows for heat to be absorbed in colder climates. The scratched and worn-down appearance is a result of the natural weathering by the elements of the area.

13. Slanted Roofs

Slanted Roofs

This barn has a larger slanted surface on one side of its roof than the other, where stables may be built into the wider side, and haystacks may be on the other. The simple construction has a wooden frame covered by wooden boards, which are now hollowed out. A small opening to enter shows the level of protection against the elements provided by the structural features. The slope causes weight to build up on the roof, and the poles are then strained, and damage may be gradual. The fence surrounds the premises and is leaning sideways from different stresses and damages.

14. Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Almost invisible in the snowy landscape, the old barn is nearly built into the slanting angle of the land with a large slanting roof of snow. The weight of the snow may weaken the roof and internal building structure since it is not cleaned. The brown wood gives an aesthetic touch to the rustic appearance of the barn, and a small fence surrounds the building in close proximity. The roof also helps the barn blend in when large animals pass by. The scene is serene, and the building is surrounded by a white wonderland with which the building blends in from an overhead view due to the slanted roofs being covered in white. The barn has snow-covered vegetation around it, and the window is open.

15. Inner Cracks

Inner Cracks

There is a ladder on one side of the barn, and the wooden boards protect them against different climatic conditions as well as wild animals. The sunlight enters through the cracks between the wooden boards and illuminates the inner barn, whereas the other wooden bars support the structure and allow for the barn to remain strong and standing. Wood begins to contract and expand depending on the temperature and humidity, causing greater gaps between the strips. Winds are able to enter the building with ease and change the temperature of the interior, weakening the pole structure.

16. Shining Through the Wood

Shining Through the Wood

The open space allows for plenty of storage space and for the maintenance of different animals. The wooden structure is thin and so the gaps may cause small rodents and other pests to enter the barn building. Moreover, the upper wooden cross-supports allow for stronger resistance of the building to both storms and snow accumulation. The wooden boards separate the stables from the spacious side of the barn as animals and storage areas can be distinguished.

17. Trio of Barns

Trio of Barns

Three rustic barns can be found in the Georgia countryside. The barns have old rusty metal sheet roofs and are found in a grassy field. With several barns adjacent to each other, they can each be used to store different things or raise different animals. Each barn has two openings for two lines of horses to be kept, with plenty of space to feed them. The barns have a central room-like layout where items can be kept and maintained for future use, including horse feed, tools, and other necessities.

18. Scenic Getaway

Scenic Getaway

The outside of the old barn resembles a lodge in the woods, but this rustic old barn is located in the mountains amidst pine trees. It has a two-building structure which gives a building face with a wide view of the forest while also providing a building for storage and use. It is a dilapidated old building next to a corral on a ranch in the High Sierra Mountains. The tiles for the roof show differing textures as the snow covers them in a pattern, and they are not fully white. The face of the barn is open and exposed due to the damage it has endured, but the remaining building is bordered by a metal fence.

19. A Colorful Scene

A Colorful Scene

This barn is surrounded by colorful leaves in the autumn season strong door for withstanding different conditions and providing stability to the barn. There are windows above the door which can be opened or closed and are also wooden in nature. Side windows line the side of the building and allow for ventilation. A small outlet provides a way for heat to exit in the case of internal heating. The hard roof provides great support to the barn and resistance to a number of storms and winds.

20. Fresh Barn in the Barn

Fresh Barn in the Barn

This rustic old barn has open storage spaces for hay stacks and even animals due to the fencing. The building helps store equipment and caretaking materials. Open exposure of the area may not be suitable for all uses and may not protect against predators. The back area may be well-suited for raising chickens as well. The building spans across an uneven land surface and allows for more space in the open pen area.

Summing It Up

All in all, old and abandoned rustic barns have an aesthetic value that is unique to other pictures. They highlight the rural setting and the natural surroundings as well as the changes in climate and season. The barns stand as a constant amidst the changes that occur in the world.

Although some are large and some are small, their presence in different places, such as forests, mountains, and prairies, speaks to their historical importance and function across North America.

So, what are you waiting for? Start surfing the best one now!

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