19 Clever Ways to Block Your Neighbor’s View on a Budget

Cheap Ways to Block Neighbors' View

Are you concerned about your privacy at home? Then you are at the right place. Of course, we all want to build a healthy and friendly relationship with our neighbors. But in some cases, it is just impossible. Also, even if you have a good relationship with your neighborhood, you may still need to set some boundaries to save your privacy.

So here, we have shared some helpful strategies, from bamboo fences to green hedges and more, to block your neighbor’s view. Also, we will help you build a beautiful outdoor space for your home. With these ideas, you will not only add up to your privacy but enhance the beauty of your house.

And here, we will share a list of 19 cheap ways to block your neighbor’s view in 2023.

19 Cheap Ways to Block Neighbour’s View

You can use many methods to block your neighbor’s view, from adding green hedges to building stone walls. Whether you want complete visual obstruction, semi-visual barrier, or sound protection, you can try these cheap ways to block your neighbor’s view-

1. Simple Wood Fences

Simple Wood Fences

The wood fence is a simple and cheap way to block neighbors’ views. Walls look elegant and can add a minimalist touch to your house. Also, if you have a dog or bunny and you do not want them to Strom your neighbor’s property, then the fence can work excellently. Plus, the wood fence is visually appealing and has a natural charm. And you can find various types of wood fences in different colors and strains. However, remember that the wood you choose for your fence will determine the cost. For instance, if you choose an expensive wood, the fence will also be pricy or vice versa.

2. Green Hedges

Green Hedges

Green hedges can be one of the cheap ways to block neighbors’ views. They are cost-effective, beautiful, and can offer complete visual obstruction. They can work excellently in creating a line between properties. But you must maintain them and trim timely to prevent them from growing wildly. Also, plant hedges look breathable and natural. And you can find these hedges in various styles. You can plant trim hedges and let them grow. Or, if you want immediate privacy, you can install big hedges instead. However, plant hedges can outgrow and take up some space on both sides. So, you must talk to your neighbors before you install them.

3. Bamboo Fence

Bamboo Fence

You must try the bamboo fence if you seek unique ways to blockneighbors’ views. The bamboo fence has become famous for its aesthetics and natural look recently. Bamboo fences can also add charm to your backyard garden. They can provide semi to complete visual obstruction, depending on the type of bamboo fence you choose. Plus, you add some flower baskets or hanging plants to your fence. It will enhance the beauty of your fence and create a photogenic background for your garden. The best part of the bamboo fence is they are low-cost yet bring a classy look.

4. Grow Vines on a Trellis

Grow Vines on a Trellis

Are you looking for some low-maintenance ways to block a neighbor’sview? Then you can install a trellis and grow vines on it it. You can find various trellis with different materials (metal, bamboo, or wood) and designs. Trellis is a structure that works to grow and display vines or creepers. They look magical in your backyard or other property separation line and have to create a sami-visual obstruction. Also, they do not need hyper-maintenance as plant hedges and enhance the beauty of your garden. For instance, installing a white trellis and growing some climbing roses in your backyard can prevent the clear view and work as a fantastic garden décor.

5. Stonewall


Do you want some classy and cheap ways to block neighbors’ views? Then you can try the stone walls at your home. The stone walls have a historical touch and look great in an English environment. These old soul walls never go out of date and add a classy touch to your house. Stone walls can offer high-quality privacy as they can cover the view and sound to some extent. Also, they are sturdy and visually pleasing. However, adding a stone wall is a labor-intensive task, And you need experts to install a good stone wall at your home.

6. Hang Old Wooden Doors

Hang Old Wooden Doors

Looking for some innovative ways to block neighbors’ views? Then this old wooden door fence idea will amaze you. If you have plenty of old wooden doors and windows at home, you can efficiently utilize them and create an excellent and innovative boundary. If you intend to create a separate line, attach the doors one with another using a screw and fix them on the ground. But if you want to create a visual barrier, you can hang those streams of doors on beams and place them on the floor. You can also try this hack if you know some helpful junkyard form where you can collect old wooden doors.

7. Grow Creepers on Chicken Wire

Grow Creepers on Chicken Wire

The chicken wire can be a great alternative to a trellis or fence. Also, chicken wires are cheaper than fences or trellis. And if you have some extra chicken wire at home, you can use them for fencing. However, you will agree that these wires can look wired. But there is nothing to fret about their looks once you grow some beautiful creepers on them. They will cover the entire wire fence, and no one will know what was inside. Also, growing creeper plants over the chicken wire fence will block neighbors’ views without offending them.

8. Install an Outdoor Kitchen or Tall Fireplace

Install an Outdoor Kitchen or Tall Fireplace

If you want easy ways to block neighbors’ views and add an outdoor setup to your house, you must try this. When you install a tall fireplace or outdoor kitchen at your home, you can easily obstruct your neighbor’s view. Also, it will help to create a beautiful outdoor space for your home. It is a multipurpose hack that can help you prevent sneaky neighbors and create a place to arrange a holiday, get-togethers, or spend quality Sunday evenings with your friends or family. Also, you can install a barbecue station in your backyard to guard the view. Adding a barbecue station or outdoor kitchen can also work as soundproofing.

9. Install Corrugated Metal Wall

Install Corrugated Metal Wall

You can install corrugated metal walls if you want cheap ways to block neighbors’view that does not require maintenance. They are highly durable and have lasted over the years. They are great for creating a clean and precise boundary around your home. Corrugated metal walls also offer a complete visual barrier and add a minimalistic touch to your house. You must try the corrugated metal wall if you want something modernist and simple. You can also use wooden beams to attach the metal sheets and place them on the ground. It will help in upgrading the look and increase its durability.

10. Lattice Screen

Lattice Screen

You might like the Lattice screen if you want a semi-visual barrier for your house. They are similar to the terrible but come in various designs and materials. Terrill usually comes in square or cross design, but Lattice screens have multiple options. You can use a hexagonal wooden screen for a simple and minimalist look. While if you want a classic or traditional touch, you can opt for the metal screen with oriented designs. In addition, if you do not grow creeper plants on them, you can easily share morning and evening greetings with your neighbors without compromising your privacy.

11. Plant Trees

Plant Trees

If you are a plant lover, here is another reason to plant trees. Planting trees in your backyard or around the house is the most environmentally friendly approach to blocking your neighbor’s view. Also, what can be better than planting trees if you are looking for cheap ways to block neighbors’ views? Trees offer a porous coverage and look very beautiful. They also give you shade and attract beautiful birds and little animals into your garden. You will have a lively garden that also protects your privacy.

12. Cascading Landscape

Cascading Landscape

Cascading landscape is also one of the practical and cheap ways to blockneighbors’ views. However, it primarily depends on your landscape type. And if you have a valley-like landscape with varying heights, you can easily create a cascading landscape. Use the sloppy part to guide with stones, walls, and plants to land into a protected sitting area. But if you have plain land, creating a cascading landscape will be challenging and require more work than usual. So, understand your land correctly before trying to make a cascading landscape.

13. Courtyard


Building a courtyard may not be the cheapest option to block your neighbor’s view. But if you value your privacy more, then you must try this. Creating a courtyard in your house enhances its aesthetical value, and you can also utilize your outdoor space efficiently. Though a courtyard looks best with L and U-shaped homes, you can also create courtyards in other structures. Also, you can try different designs for your courtyard. For instance, if you love nature, give a green look to your courtyard by installing various plants.

14. Try Backyard Structures

Try Backyard Structures

You can install some backyard structures if you want cheap ways to block neighbors’views and add exciting features to your house. Adding a backyard structure such as a guest house, pool, or shed can help you easily block neighbors’ views and utilize your outdoor space. You can also create an outdoor study space where you can spend time reading books and storing plants. It will obstruct your neighbor’s view, and you will get a beautiful outdoor space for yourself.

15. Masonry Walls

Masonry Walls

Masonry walls are one of your house’s best and most lasting protection. Depending on your skills, it can also be one of the cheap ways to block neighbors’ views. If you know how to build a masonry wall, you need materials and physical labor to finish the task. However, if you do not know, you may need to hire an expert to do the job. Masonry walls provide visual and sound protection (depending on the height).

16. Container Garden

Container Garden

If you are a plant lover, here is another cost-effective option you can try to block neighbors’ views. A container garden is an enclosed space with a cluster of plants beautifully installed around a sitting space. Container gardens look magical if you can manage the area well. Also, it efficiently protects your privacy, and you can get a beautiful outdoor space to spend quiet and harmonious mornings and evenings. In addition, if you install some wind chimes or an artificial waterfall, it will also work as a soundproofing system.

17. Pergolas


Another interesting thing you can try when you look for cheap ways to blockneighbors’ views is Pergolas. Pergolas are beneficial installations that help to create a beautiful outdoor setup to sit and relax. Not only that, but it will also prevent neighbors’ viewing from windows. Plus, it provides complete shade that helps to protect from sun and rain. Also, depending on the material and size of the Pergolas, the range varies from low to high. And you can choose any one depending on your budget.

18. Shaded Patio

Shaded Patio

Besides Pergolas, you can also try a shaded Patio to prevent unwanted sneaking off the neighbors. However, installing a shaded patio depends on your house structure. And if your house structure allows, you can add a patio to get some privacy from your neighbors (if you have neighbors living upstairs). The patios can range from mid to large, and you can pick any design depending on your budget and house style.

19. Rolling or Outdoor Curtains

Rolling or Outdoor Curtains

Lastly, outdoor and rolling curtains can be ideal if you want cheap ways to block a neighbor’s view. For example, you can easily install rolling curtains for privacy if you have an open or semi-open veranda-like space. But if your house structure does not allow rolling curtains, you can try outdoor curtains instead. Outdoor curtains work great for preventing both upstairs and ground neighbors’ views.

Summing It Up

All in all, if you want to create a private space for yourself and prevent or minimize neighbors’ views, you have plenty of options. You can build a backyard structure or extend your kitchen and block neighbors’ views. Also, if you do not want to build any backyard structure, you can opt for fencing or walling to prevent unwanted sneaking.

There are various types and styles of fencing/walling that you can try, like trellis, hedges, wood fencing, bamboo fencing, corrugated metal wall masonry walls, etc. You can even use outdoor curtains and patios to enhance your privacy. Above, we have discussed some cheap ways toblock neighbors’ views and create a beautiful outdoor space. However, the best option to secure your neighbor’s view may not always be affordable. But if you are concerned about privacy, the above low-cost hacks may help prevent your neighbor’s intrusive gazes.

So, are you ready to upgrade your privacy at home? Then, try any of these ways to block neighbors’ views at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Spend Too Much Money to Block Neighbors’ Views?

No, it is not mandatory. You can have plenty of cheap ways to block neighbors’ views. For example, you can use chicken wire with creepers, trees to use old wooden doors, or bamboo fences to create cost-effective ways to block neighbors’ views and enhance your privacy at home. Also, you try some DIY hacks; you can create beautiful walls and structures to block neighbors’ views without spending much money.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Block Neighbors’ Views?

You can have various options when you look for cheap ways to block neighbors’views. However, if you are looking for some most affordable ways to block neighbors’ views, you can try bamboo fences, chicken wire fences, plant walls, or even low-budget Pergolas or patios. They do not cost much yet offer adequate coverage.

Can I Use Plant Fencing to Block Neighbors’ Views?

Yes, indeed. You can use version objects or materials to create visual obstruction and personal space. For example, using plant fencing to block neighbors’ views has become popular. They offer a natural look and create a beautiful outdoor space for your space for your home. You can even try various designs to make your plant fencing unique.

Which Is the Best Way to Completely Block Neighbors’ Views?

If you want to completely block your neighbor’s view and create a solid and durable boundary, you can try multiple ways. For instance, you can install corrugated metal walls, masonry walls, stone walls, etc. All of them provide suitable privacy and help to provide complete coverage from the neighbor’s view.

How Can I Creatively Block Neighbors’ Views?

Multiple ways you can try to block neighbors’ views creatively. It is natural to use the opportunity to block neighbors’ views to display your artistic soul. For example, you can try old wooden doors and transform them into a gorgeous boundary. Also, you can install an art wall and display some beautiful artwork with them.

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