Top 25 DIY Firewood Racks That Anyone Can Make Easily

Super Easy DIY Firewood Racks

Storing the firewood stacks becomes an important necessity so that you have the fireplace burning throughout the winter. For those cold nights, you definitely can enjoy the warmth burning firewood can provide you with. You can feel warm and cozy throughout the winter months. Firelit burning slots can be done by interior designers, too, so that you add a sophisticated ambiance to your living spaces. Firelit places exclusively have spaces wherein you can store firewood stacks in.

Why do you have the need to store firewood? Well, you do not want wood pieces to get moist or be covered with molds. So, you require clean and dry spots wherein you can store the wood pieces in. This way, you can just use enough log pieces to warm up your space for a particular day while the remaining wood pieces are kept intact for future storage.

Let us move on to unveil 25 fascinating DIY firewood rack techniques that are super-easy and fun to create. Shall we get started here?

1. Making a Firewood Stack from Log Pieces of Trees

Making a Firewood Stack from Log Pieces of Trees

When you live closer to a forest area, and a storm comes, you have several trees that get uprooted. You can cut out the wood from the trunks of these trees. You can then make a lumber-styled stack. You can create a DIY stool using simple cedar log pieces. You can use dimensions measuring 2 X 4. And then, using simple tools, you can get a wooden stool done. You can place your logs under the stack. Must make sure the log pieces are not damp or moist. The simple reason is you do not want water or moisture to rot the wooden pieces. Because of too much dampness, the wooden pieces can also form molds. That is why you must preserve these wooden pieces in a safe and secure manner.

2. Building a Wooden Fireplace Near Outdoor Areas

Building a Wooden Fireplace Near Outdoor Areas

Using easy-to-do DIY techniques, you can build a wood-burning fireplace near the outdoor areas of your home. This is a partitioned-style DIY firewood rack that is wall mounted in your outdoor spaces. You can make things even more interesting and exciting as you can have a firelit area outside your homes. You can allow your family members to gather outdoors and enjoy the warmth of the wood fire throughout those cold and chilly nights. This way, you allow your family members to keep themselves warm and cozy. At the same time, you also enjoy those quality moments to spend with one another. Once you have a firelit space built in, you can add warm and inviting sofa sets or chairs wherein you can be seated surrounding the wood-burning area. The green canopy surrounding the firewood area also lends pleasing vibes outdoors.

3. Explore Fancy Shapes for Your Firewood Racks

Explore Fancy Shapes for Your Firewood Racks

When you want to build DIY firewood racks outside your homes, you can get a little creative and think out of the box. You can build pyramid-shaped fire storage stacks. Or, you can build firewood stacks using rounded shapes so that you have them built like giant wheels. This way, you can discover fancy shapes in getting your firewood stacks done to perfection.

You can also store your log pieces free from moisture or dampness of any kind. The smell of burning firewood or the crackling sound of fire can really be comforting when you have those chilled nights ahead of you. When you have lots of wood stored outdoors, the heat will radiate back into your home too. This way, the rooms will remain warm and cozy throughout the winter season.

4. Get It Stored in Modern and Sleek Log Holders

Get It Stored in Modern and Sleek Log Holders

Don’t you love listening to the sound of cackling wood during the fall season? This is the best time of the year when you can allow your family members to come closer. You can talk about the good moments of life with the firewood burning through its amber. In order to store pieces of wood in an organized fashion, you need to build a wood storage area. You can look for modern and sleek designs when you want to build stylish log holders. This way, when you arrange or stack up pieces of wood inside the same, you get cool and rustic vibes to the spaces where you have the firelit space. You can use your balconies or patio spaces, too, if you want to lend contemporary vibes to your homes.

5. Open Firewood Rack in Vogue

Open Firewood Rack in Vogue

You have the firewood enclosure done using an open concept. Using a used sunshade, the person has built a DIY rack for storing wooden log pieces. These are Red Cedar wooden logs. The open style of the rack allows plenty of air to penetrate inside. This way, the logs of wood would not become damp or remain moisture-laden. In order to have this open-design model built, you may require a cutting saw and a screwdriver. The cordless screwdriver has a blade replicating a saw. You have the jigsaw that cuts sharp through the roofing made from metal. The sidewall of the roof is therefore chiseled out. The DIY fire rack is ready with a few more steps, as elaborated in the manual. This is a fun and engaging way to build a DIY firewood rack. You discover that this model is lighter and prevents wood pieces from getting decayed due to rain or rot.

6. Explore a Wide Fireplace Rack Outdoors

Explore a Wide Fireplace Rack Outdoors

This is a wide-paced firewood rack that you can build for yourself outdoors. Using 8 feet for the sides (you use 2 log pieces 4 feet each) and 4 log pieces with 2 feet each representing the four legs of the rack holder and the necessary equipment involved, you can have the simple style firewood rack built to perfection. The wide style of the log rack looks stylish and suits outdoor locations seamlessly. The wide-open style design lends visually pleasing vibes to the firewood rack. The wide space over a lower design looks better than the regular taller and narrower version of the fire rack.

7. Explore a Uniquely Styled Rolling DIY Wood Rack

Explore a Uniquely Styled Rolling DIY Wood Rack

This is a cool DIY firewood rack that has wheels attached to it. The open-style rack is painted dark blue. You have the wood log pieces that are neatly stacked into the deck. There is a sofa set and a container pot with a plant in it. The fabulous outdoor-based firewood rack lends cool vibes to the spaces involved. When you can let your family members and friends unwind late at night, you can use this firelit area to do those irresistible bonfires out there. This can be a warm and relaxing feel during those biting cold nights of the fall season. You have simple tutorials on building the wood rack all by yourself.

8. Discover a More Compact Firewood Rack

Discover a More Compact Firewood Rack

Suppose you have huge stacks of log pieces inside your garage spaces, then you may want something compact as a firewood rack that neatly fits into the balconies or verandas of your homes. You have the storage rack done in an impeccable manner, indeed. The wood pieces are neatly arranged in the storage space. You have an earthen jar wherein you just use the pieces of wood to firelight the area. You can add comfy wooden chairs wherein you can let your family members assemble to warm up during colder evenings. You can use DIY techniques to have it done, or you can have a furniture designer do it for you with ease.

9. Discover a Firewood Rack with The Top Shelf

Log store with firewood

You have this pretty-looking cottage-style firewood rack that adds rich and luxurious vibes to your outdoor space. It is decked neatly to perfection. The well-poised cottage-style DIY firewood rack has ample storage space to fit in log pieces that would last you the entire winter. As this is your garden, you can have those breezy nights with the firewood burning. It would be so warm and cozy for the winter evenings. To make this space even more inviting, you can add a simple garden furniture set so that all your family members can sit together. You can add potted plants to the furniture to add an aesthetic appeal to the firewood area. The crackling sound of fire during cold nights can be appealing indeed.

10. Go for An Indoor Firelit Area

Go for An Indoor Firelit Area

This is a pretty simple DIY firewood rack that is indoor-based. You just need logs of wood to stand as legs for the rack wood space. Using faux leather, you create a pouch to store logs of wood in. You can take the wood you require for the night. And then use the firelit area to keep the amber burning. The DIY firewood rack is budget friendly and simple to recreate. You also have inviting decor, letting pleasing vibes into your living room area. You have comfy cushion rugs and a woolen rug that complements the space. And the firewood rack lends a luxuriant feel to the living decor.

11. An Emergency Rack that Utilizes a Simple Design

An Emergency Rack that Utilizes a Simple Design

When temperatures start plummeting, you cannot go in search of firewood logs and store them inside racks so that you meet the emergency situation at ease. That is why we call this DIY technique an Emergency Rack. This is a rack that is super-easy to assemble. You need 2 four foot logs for the base and 4 two foot log pieces covering the sides of the rack. With a few spring nails and a jumper, you have the rack done to perfection. This is a rack that has ample storage space for wooden pieces to get stacked up. The exteriors of the open-ended wide rack add a charm of its own.

12. Explore the Firewood Dolly, Which is Sleek

Explore the Firewood Dolly, Which is Sleek

This is a dolly-styled DIY firewood rack wherein you pick a single piece of wood at a time. Instead of stacking up huge layers of firewood, you just store a limited number of log pieces. And, as you have neatly chopped pieces of wood that are of a uniform size, you should not have a hassle picking one log wood stick at a time. You can place the firewood rack indoors and outdoors. The neat and sleek design of the firewood storage equipment lends stylish vibes to the space. The roller wheels make sure you can troll the firewood rack and take extra pieces of wood from the garage or lumber spaces.

13. Firewood Rack Made from Aluminum

Firewood Rack Made from Aluminum

This is a compact design firewood rack that is made from aluminum. The sturdy material of the rack makes it stay on your shelves for long years to come. The aluminum stand has huge space to fit plenty of log pieces into it. You can store it near your garden space or too. During chilled nights, you can start bonfires with the fire burning through the wood. The warmth and cozy atmosphere you get are truly an amazing feel on the planet. You can buy warm-toned chairs for that earthy spirit. You can enjoy those beautiful moments with friends and family.

14. Go in For an Invigorating V-Shaped Design

Go in For an Invigorating V-Shaped Design

This is a V-shaped design that looks stylish and spacious too. You can make this DIY firewood rack using a limited number of log pieces. You can store firewood logs that can last you an entire winter. The best part is the firewood rack is super easy to make that can be lighter for your wallet too. You can have the V-shaped firewood rack slanted against fenced gates. Your family members are going to love you for this. You find that this is a model that is budget friendly as compared to a premade or ready-to-use one. You get simple tutorials on how to build the firewood rack to perfection.

15. Making the Best out Of Waste

Making the Best out Of Waste

Out of unused bolts, screws, and lumber room wood, you can have this pretty-looking model on a fascinating wood rack built to perfection. On the top shelf of this square-shaped wood rack, you have scraped out pieces of wood. These are chiseled-out log pieces that can help the bonfire get started. While you have a down shelf wherein you store unused log pieces that can be used for future warmed-up nights, as it stays indoors, it is easier to spruce up this place with stylish modular sofa sets so that all of you can get a warmer and more cozy feel. With the wood burning, you can feel the warmth and inviting vibes this decor idea can provide you with.

16. Post Box-Styled Firewood Rack

Post Box-Styled Firewood Rack

This is a unique post-box-styled wood rack holder you cannot stop looking at. Using the chassis and screwdrivers, and an easy-to-use jumper board, the furniture architect has designed the DIY firewood rack to perfection. You have the firewood burning area just adjacent to the wood storage rack. You have enough space for about 10-12 pieces of log wood that fit into the holder. You can take one log piece at a time to drop under the burning amber. You can allow your family members to sit through the nights as you start your bonfire. You can place it near the window sill of your bedroom or living room so that the warmth penetrates during the morning hours too. This way, your homes feel warm and inviting for the winter months.

17. Antique Design Firewood Rack

Antique Design Firewood Rack

The stylish wood rack has a contemporary ring to it. Made from metallic bars of a used window sill, the wood storage rack looks more like an ornamental piece indeed. You can store enough pieces of log wood to start a bonfire for a night. Once the bonfire is done, you must stack up with a few more pieces of wood. You can place the wood rack near gardens or outdoor spaces where you can start a fire near the grass area. Your friends and family can dance and sing while the fires are starting to rise from the wood. A warm and comforting feel for cold winter nights you will fall in love with.

18. Make a Wood Storage Rack without Tools

Make a Wood Storage Rack without Tools

This is a no-tools model the DIY designer is proud of. Just by using hand tools and not using heavy-duty equipment, the wood rack has been chiseled to perfection. The open-style model makes it easier for you to stack up wood pieces that can last you the entire winter season. The neat no-tools design can help retain wood free from moisture or dampness of any sort. You can have this designer rack stationed outdoors too. You have enough space to get your bonfires started. Tabletop stoolscan be assembled for your family members to sit around the fires and enjoy their nights.

19. Straight from The Forest

Straight from The Forest

No polishing or varnishing of wood makes the design a ‘Straight from the forest’ kind of look. You have 2 eight-foot log pieces that make the open design. The 2-foot four-piece wood makes the legs for the wood rack. You have stacked up log pieces that are arranged at once. The rustic model is all there without the fuss or decorations. You get forest vibes while you make one of this type. You have enough space for all your members to sit around to start a bonfire. Those cold nights with the wood fire burning can help you stay warm and cozy.

20. Wood Rack Designed in The Form of a Shed

Wood Rack Designed in The Form of a Shed

The shed-style model with which the firewood storage space has been built is a design model that will simply take your breath away. You have ample storage for tall and bulky lumber wood pieces that can last you the entire winter and fall seasons. You can stack the wood pieces in a horizontal or vertical manner. The top roof of the wood-sharing deck looks stylish and durable too. You can style up your barn area or a space near your horse stables wherein you can start your night fires in. With the trendy shed-styled wood rack, you lend ornamental vibes to the sit-out area. With easy-to-use tools and downloading tutorials from the internet, you can notch the design to perfection.

21. A Pretty-Looking Storage Rack that Makes the Log Holder a Wooden Canopy

A Pretty-Looking Storage Rack that Makes the Log Holder a Wooden Canopy

This is a luxurious design wherein the wooden storage rack itself is made out of wood. Unlike metallic or rod-based ones, this is an earthy design for all of you who are close to Mother Nature. You have a wooden canopy that is polished with white paint. You have a beautifully decorated shelf above the storage place to prevent the log pieces from getting exposed to moisture or humidity from the dripping dew drops post-snowfall or during wintery mornings. You can include long chairs that you find in a park for people to sit on. Try adding an inclusive piece of furniture wherein you can accommodate all your family members for camp-firing nights. You can organize music and play instruments like, say, a guitar in order to bring more warmth into fall nights.

22. Inspired by The Design of a Bookshelf

Inspired by The Design of a Bookshelf

You have a compact-style wood rack that exudes sophistication. You have a bookshelf-styled rack that can store firelogs for your nights in a precise and hassle-free manner. This is one of the best DIY firewood racks you can possibly get done for yourself. Using glazed pieces of marble, you have an encasing that is made of varnished wood. Inside the ultra-modern firewood rack, you have logs neatly arranged into the same. For those of you who are looking for something classy with a minimalist degree of detailing, this is the kind of wood rack you must possibly go in for.

23. A Wall-Mounted Log Holder

A Wall-Mounted Log Holder

This trendy wood storage piece looks like a real stunner, after all. It is a wall-mounted DIY firewood rack that is meant for those who would love a posh yet minimalist style. With absolutely no fringes or ornamental detailing, the design catches your eye. Placed closer to the Christmas Tree, you can have your bonfires done indoors. You can have the warmth staying in your room during the day time also. The sound of fire crackling through the amber wood is a rustic feel of its own. While exchanging presents with your family members, you are going to be awe-inspired by the wall-mounted wood rack design.

24. A Bench-Styled Firewood Rack on The Go

A Bench-Styled Firewood Rack on The Go .jpg

For those of you who want a dual utility purpose wood rack, then the bench-style storage rack must be your obvious choice indeed. You can keep your ornamental plants on the top shelf while you can stack up your log pieces underneath. As you have a wider base, you have storage space to accumulate enough logs that can last you the entire winter or fall season. You can ask your family members to assemble themselves on stylish-looking metallic chairs. You can shop for antique designs of furniture, and the theme goes well with your warm and engaging nights. The fire burning through the wood teaches you perseverance and a burning spirit to fulfill your dreams and aspirations.

25. Designer Model

Designer Model

If you want to shop for a designer model firewood rack, then this is an elegant pick you can go in for. Made from a metallic enclosure that is of a rectangular shape, this is a neat one that goes with your living room spaces, after all. The sturdy firewood rack is all painted black. You discover a contemporary design covering the interiors. The model’s enticing design lends ornamental vibes to your living spaces. Those firelit evenings can be more fun and exciting after all.

Summing It Up

You have seen flattering styles of wood storage racks and the DIY ideas they are inspired by. A few styling ideas have also been provided for you to complement the design model in an effortless manner.

You must always choose a cool and dry place to stack your wood pieces in. This is mainly because dampness or humidity can cause the wood to decay or rot. You may not be able to fire up damp log sticks for your bonfire nights.

You must make sure you have all your family members stay by the bonfires. You can spend those quality moments with one another away from cell phones or any form of digital device. This way, you bond stronger relationships with your family members and learn how to enjoy the slices of life in a more fruitful manner. Families that stay close together always win together.

Which is your favorite wood rack design idea?

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