25 Wood Drum Coffee Table Ideas for a Perfect Living Room

25 Wood Drum Coffee Table Setups to Anchor Your Space

A wood drum coffee table is a great accessory to stylize your living rooms. These types of coffee tables usually are round in shape. Their structures are cylindrical in nature. Therefore, coffee tables provide an easy focal point for your living spaces. You find these tables available to you in a variety of luxury designs and models.

In general, a coffee table is a type of accessory that lends warmth and functionality to any living room you can think of. You can think of placing coffee tables in front of a sofa set or across a set of chairs. And you get a central focus point that accentuates your seating arrangements inside your living rooms. You can opt for a finish that is rustic or aim for coffee tables that have contemporary designs.

Come on, let’s discover 25 wood drum coffee table spaces that can spruce up your living areas.

1. Vintage Style Drum Coffee Table

Vintage Style Drum Coffee Table

This is a vintage-styled coffee table that looks contemporary yet stylish. It is a beige color that lends warmth to your living room area. Plus, this is a classy design for minimalist lovers too. You have a flower vase that has simple-style sequins all over it. The sectional sofa set has curtain rugs that have contrasting shades of covers. The French window provides plenty of light and ventilation in your living room. The photo frames hung above the walls help you walk down memory lane. In totality, this design drum coffee table is an absolute stunner indeed.

2. Reclaimed Wood Coffee table

Reclaimed Wood Coffee table

You discover a coffee table that exudes elegance and sophistication in your living spaces. It has contrasting shades comprising light brown and absolute black. The reclaimed double-toned wood lends inviting vibes to the room decor. You have an all-white sofa set that lies opposite the coffee table. Pretty-looking candle stands with scented candles placed into each one of them. It also has books placed on the coffee table. This is a drum table idea that is really incredible to execute in a perfectly positioned manner.

3. Discover a Wooden Drum Table that Is Half-Spherical

Discover a Wooden Drum Table that Is Half-Spherical

The wooden drum coffee table has a half-spherical shape that is unique in style indeed. The rustic design of the coffee table lends warm and contemporary vibes to your living spaces after all. You can keep potted plants or designer flower vases to accessorize the table. It has an earthy-toned carpet rug that complements the decor of the room. You can varnish paint the table if you want to provide a glossy look to the accessory. The minimalist no-fuss design of the coffee table suits traditionally woven households too.

4. A Sleek Coffee Table on The Go

A Sleek Coffee Table on The Go

You have a drum coffee table that is sleek and easygoing. You find that the coffee table has dual tones attributed to the design effect. The white flower vase has an exotic variety of flowers put into it. The contrasting shades of white and earthy brown look visually pleasing to the eye. You can see three sets of sofa sets with cushion rugs that have white and brown leather covers. The tile-shaped wooden decor looks trendy for an office cum living room kind of setup. Lastly, a designer rug that compliments the other accessories is placed inside the room.

5. Flute-Style Coffee Table in Vogue

Flute-Style Coffee Table in Vogue

You can purchase a coffee table from online or retail stores. You can DIY a regular-style model into a flute-styled design. You also discover that the coffee table is spacious enough for you to spruce it up with a variety of attractive-looking accessories you can think of. Using simple diy steps or by downloading easy-to-do tutorials, you can recreate a flute-style wooden drum coffee table. This way, you lend a voguish idea to designing your living decor after all. Moreover, add sofa sets that complement the shade of the coffee table.

6. Go in For an All-White Coffee Table

Go in For an All-White Coffee Table

The all-white coffee table is meant for classy lovers out there. The modular sofa table is also white in color. The rugs are also white in color. The shelf is an all-white one, after all. On the drum coffee table, you have stylized accessories that are placed as such. The window is just opposite the sofa set. It brings light and ventilation into the room. You have a cupboard that comprises stuff well arranged. Then, you have a neatly decked-up dining table with chairs arranged.

7. Go in For a Stylish Light Wood Drum Coffee Table

Go in For a Stylish Light Wood Drum Coffee Table

This is a light wood drum coffee table that is voguish in style. You have a mix of off-white, beige, and stained black hues the coffee table comprises of. A comfortable modular sofa set with attractive cushion rugs adds a sense of completeness to the room decor as such. You can see the coffee table with attractive curio-worthy stuff neatly decked up. The carpeted jute rug looks eye catchy too. With a minimalist style, the accessories surrounding the decor create classy vibes without an element of doubt.

8. Voluminous Coffee Drum Table

Voluminous Coffee Drum Table

You have a volume-centric drum coffee table that creates style and class in an effortless manner. The spacious volume of the coffee table can help you arrange a variety of stylish accessories to add aesthetic value to your decor spaces. Else, you can decide to have things simple by just placing flower vases or books in a stacked manner. The off-white sofa set complements the coffee table in an inviting manner. The carpeted rug and the room decor has complete classy vibes. You can have this kind of setup for your living rooms or home offices.

9. Storage-Style Coffee Drum Table

Storage-Style Coffee Drum Table

This is a drum-shaped coffee table that can not only be used as a stand-alone accessory but can also help you facilitate effective storage purposes. Hence, the accessory solves a dual function in its own way. You can store bedspreads or curtain covers you no longer want to use. You can also store books, key chains, stationery kits, stuffed dolls, and medium-sized objects inside the storage-style drum table. This way, you can keep your hallway free from clutter. Enhance the living dimensions of your spaces by keeping your storage articles in a streamlined manner.

10. Rounded Wooden Drum Coffee Table

Rounded Wooden drum Coffee table

You have a perfect rounded drum coffee table that can spruce up your living decor in a fashionable manner. It has a pretty-looking glass vase that is filled with green plant cuttings. The sectional sofa set is all gray in color. Cushion rugs in multiple colors, indeed. You have the entire room carpeted, and this way, the room space has been furnished in a classy way. It also carries a wooden cupboard at the rear end of the living room, and you have compartments inside the cupboard. Where you can store jewelry sets, trinkets, and smaller volume objects so that the room remains neat and tidy.

11. A Family Room for You to Explore

A Family Room for You to Explore

You have a family room that has an elegant style drum coffee table fitting into the room so neatly. The half-spherical polished wood coffee table has sequins and stains that add to the posh finishing touches. It also has a sectional sofa set with grey and white cushion covers. Faux plants add to the warm and pleasing vibes the room has to offer. An off-grey basket is tucked into the corner of the room. You have a wooden door that has a fluted design added to it. The striped design of the carpeted rug goes well with the style accessories in order to complement the decor.

12. Discover a Cocoa Wood Rounded Coffee Table

Discover a Cocoa Wood Rounded Coffee Table

You have a lightweight cocoa wood that has a rounded shape and is sturdy indeed. You find that the wooden table is quite spacious to place marbles or aesthetically pleasing accessories on top of the table as such. The sofa set is pure white in color. The grayish-white wood gives you a paneled and posh look for the spaces, after all. A potted plant adds warmth to the ambiance. The drum wood coffee table of this kind is a neat finish that fits into any kind of room on the whole.

13. A Grayish-Brown Coffee Table that Suits a Black and White Room

 A Grayish-Brown Coffee Table that Suits a Black and White Room

You have a grayish-brown drum coffee table that neatly fits into a black-and-white room. The sectional sofa set is off-grey in color. You also have black wood flooring that adds to a stylish look. There are quite a lot of flower vases with attractive plant cuttings. The walls are painted white. Inside the black-and-white room decor, you have a carpeted rug that neatly fits in. At the immediate back of the living room, you can find a compact dining table set with chairs that are neatly arranged. This is a neat living cum dining space that has been precisely designed to perfection.

14. Explore a Brick Wall Design Drum Coffee Table

 Explore a Brick Wall Design Drum Coffee Table

Here is a sophisticated brick design wood drum coffee table that is worth drooling over. It has flower cuttings inside pretty-looking flower vases. The brick design of the coffee table is so fabulous that the accessory adds great ornamental value to your living spaces. You have to have the coffee table placed outside your home too. There is a neatly tucked-in white sofa set that overlooks natural surroundings, after all. The coffee table is painted all white. You can paint it in purple, pink, or brown according to more customized requirements to suit your style and attitude.

15. Oak Veneer Drum with a Stained Finish

Oak Veneer Drum with a Stained Finish

The oakwood veneer drum coffee table is one of the most sophisticated designs you can go for. The posh coffee table has a stained finish comprising of white and golden sequins. You can have this kind of coffee table in an office room set up. The top of the table has plenty of space for you to style accessories the way you want to. You have a beautiful vase with its flower cuttings. You have a sofa set that complements the table, and the sofa is off-white in color. By keeping this window open, you can allow natural light and ventilation to penetrate through. The carpeted rug comprising black and white stripes lends mind-blowing touches to the room decor.

16. Look for a Wedge Solid Drum Table

Look for a Wedge Solid Drum Table

This is a stunning model of a wedge solid drum coffee table you will surely fall in love with. The compact vase has beautiful flowers tucked into the same. You have a carpeted rug that gives a bounty look to the room decor. The sectional sofa set can accommodate 3-4 people to be seated at the same time. You have a stained finish in the form of black lines on the coffee table. The model is a hand-made one with an acid finish that is durable and trendy. You can organize stylish tea parties and can prep up your party supplies on the coffee tables that exude style and sophistication.

17. Go for An Authentic Black Drum Coffee Table

Go for An Authentic Black Drum Coffee Table

Here is a black drum coffee table that is irresistibly cool and stunning to look at. You can keep looking at the coffee table throughout the day too. You have a carpeted rug that comprises black and white lines. The off-beat grayish sectional sofa set adds posh vibes to the room decor. The curtain drapes comprise grey-white hues, after all. The cushion rugs have striped black and white too. The drum coffee table perfectly fits into the dark room setting that suits your minimalist and classic style of living.

18. Striped Design Coffee Drum Table

Striped Design Coffee Drum Table

A striped design coffee drum table is too fabulous to look at. The coffee table is elegantly designed to fit into any kind of living room ambiance, after all. You have a sofa set that is off-grey in the shade. The sequin finishes to the carpeted rug gives a mind-blowing look to the room decor. You have stylized accessories that are placed on the coffee table. It has a broad base vase that has an attractive variety of pebbles put into it. You have another compact vase with plant cuttings neatly arranged into the same. You have cushion rugs comprising hues like black, grey, and white. Now, you can use these styling ideas for your living arrangement or for your office spaces.

19. Winslow Round Coffee Table

Winslow Round Coffee Table

Having a plain round Winslow-styled coffee drum table for your room spaces is always a perfect idea. To style the room with complementary accessories, you can have a sofa set that has earthy-toned hues. You can choose a caramel-shaded sofa set with contrasting cushion rugs. You can have curtain drapes that complement the overall decor of the room. Along with that, you can also install French windows to provide natural lighting to the room as such. You can use this minimalist design rounded table for your homes or office establishments.

20. Dark Gray Drum Coffee Table

Dark Gray Drum Coffee Table

Choose an eclectic design coffee table for your living room spaces. This is a dark grey drum coffee table that we are looking at. The French window looks elegant with stained glass design sequins that look visually pleasing. You have square-shaped armless sofa sets. And you have independent chairs with leather-based cushion seats for an extra degree of comfort. The rugs are pure white in color. You have an attractive table lamp that looks catchy and is placed on a white table. The carpeted rug is a designer one that complements the ambiance of the room in an effortless manner. A fireplace where friends and family members can get together during cold winter nights.

21. Accent-Style Coffee Drum Table

Accent-Style Coffee Drum Table

A drum coffee table is elegantly personified. This is an accent model that has stains of light brown and dark brown shades. This can be a perfect accessory for you to place coffee or tea pots for guests arriving at your home. The wide top helps you to place flower vases, books, or attractive key chains to stylize the coffee table further. You can add inviting decor with pleasing vibes in terms of adding modular sofa sets or choosing curtain drapes that complement this accent-style barrel drum coffee table on the whole. On the whole, this is a wholesome model with minimal detailing, and looks classy too.

22. Hexagon-Shaped Drum Coffee Table

Hexagon-Shaped Drum Coffee Table

The hexagon-shaped drum coffee table is voguish and stylish in its looks. You have the coffee table varnished using a light brown tone. The three-seater sofa set has an off-white hue. Cushion rugs have multi-colored hues like black, white, and grey. The earl-type carpeted rug complements the room decor in an evenly poised manner. The trendy drum coffee table is accessorized with a flower vase and an ashtray. Behind the sofa set lies an invigorating dining table set with comfy chairs put up. The powerful LED can provide bright lighting during the night, while the French windows situated at the rear end of the room can provide a natural lighting system during the daytime.

23. Geometric Design Drum Coffee Table

Geometric Design Drum Coffee Table

Now you have a sweltering geometric pattern drum-shaped coffee table you cannot stop looking at. The entire accessory adds an element of poshness to the room decor. You can have the coffee table put up at your homes or commercial establishments. Trendy accessories like flower vases or trays enhance the beauty of the coffee table out there. You can chill out with friends post work using the coffee table as your focal point. Either you can design the geometric patterns using diy based tutorials else buy one from an online or retail store.

24. Going in For a Designer Coffee Drum

Going in For a Designer Coffee Drum

This is an eye-catching design with respect to wooden drum coffee tables out there. The designer effect that is added to the coffee table has been intricately carved using hand-made blocks or designs. This is a contemporary design that also lends stylish vibes to the room decor. The modular sofa set is all white in color. You have a navy blue and white carpet that is made from jute. You have plenty of windows that provide natural lighting to the room, keeping it well-ventilated throughout the day. Photo portraits are hung above the sofa set. Again, you can use the styling idea for homes and office spaces.

25. Hicks-Style Coffee Table

Hicks-Style Coffee Table

This is a Hicks-style coffee setting wherein you have the inset that has been woven in the traditional style. The aesthetically sculpted piece can work wonders for your decor space, after all. You have an enticing mix of low and high beaming surfaces that add rich vibes to the silhouette the coffee table has been designed with. You have a comfortable sofa set that is off-white in color. Plus, you have a potted plant that is found at the rear end of the room. The marble stain finish of the photo portrait that is hung above the sofa lends contemporary vibes to the entire room.

Summing It Up

These are 25 wood drum coffee table setups that can anchor your spaces. Coffee tables provide a highlighting tint to any kind of room decor. You can also include accessories that complement other artifacts that are spaced inside the room as such. Wood drum coffee tables in a variety of shapes, colors, designs, and pricing plans are available.

The drum-shaped exterior provides ample spaces for you to place your artifacts or items on display that are curio worthy. Most of these coffee tables double up as storage accessories too. You can pack your linen curtain drapes, unused bed sheets, or pillow covers into storage compartments of the coffee table. You can place ornamental flowers inside vases to enhance the aesthetic value of your living spaces. So, now you get a proper focal point to organize your seating arrangements in a comfortable manner.

You can utilize the storage spaces that these drum-shaped coffee tables provide you with. Plus, this is a versatile accessory that fits into your homes, residences, and your commercial hubs too. Which is the most interesting drum coffee table design idea you would like to go in for?

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