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About Ptp2

About Ptp3

  • Ptp3 is a protein tyrosine phosphatase. Wurgler-Murphy et al. 1997 PMID 9032256
  • Ptp3 is found throughout the cytosol and nucleus, although it is slightly more concentrated in the cytosol. Maeder et al. 2007 PMID 17952059


MAPK/phosphatase interactions
Ste12 mediated protein synthesis
Protein dilution/synthesis due to cell growth

Species Representation

Since we are not treating the cytoplasm and nucleus as deparate compartments, we will lump Ptp2 and Ptp3 together into one species, Ptp.

Molecule Type


Model Seed

Ptp(MAPK_site) Ptp_tot_conc

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