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BREAKING: Roving Gang Of Muslims Caught Stealing Goats In Hurricane-Ravaged Texas

As the people of Texas recover from Hurricane Harvey, one group of “people” still refuse to be part of their community. From the mosque in Texas that refused to help “infidels” to a mosque in Georgia that solicited donations from the community for “hurricane relief” then turned around and sent the items to Syrian refugees instead (leading to the arrest of the imam), Allah’s children have made it clear that they don’t give a damn about being Americans in America.

Now, a gang of Muslims is taking advantage of people being off their farms by stealing livestock. From Katy, Texas newspaper the Katy Press:

An unidentified group of six men who appear to be Muslims was seen at Lyle Jacobson’s ranch placing several goats into multiple vehicles Saturday and driving off. Police took a description of the vehicles, none of which had license plates which may make them difficult to identify.

Katy Sheriff Joe Bartholomew says that he “will not rest until this menace is brought to justice.”

It’s unclear why these men were stealing the goats or what they intend to do with them but, well, you know what ISIS does with goats.

These criminal Muslims make me sick. When Donald Trump called for a total and complete ban on them entering the country, he was exactly right.

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