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Paul Ryan Breaks His Silence On Meeting With Bill Clinton And Loretta Lynch

Paul Ryan was caught red handed late last week for being involved in the secret negotiations between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. An obscure state law required that Ryan, otherwise an anonymous passenger who didn’t exist, be listed on the plane’s manifest when it landed in Baltimore.

Now Ryan, who has come under pressure from the party and the president, has no choice but to explain himself. Moments ago (as of the writing of this), Paul Ryan announced that he was there and gave his reasons to Steve Doocey at Fox News:

”I was bamboozled onto that plane under false pretenses. AG Lunch told me we were going to meet a possible leak in the DNC, not that we were going to negotiate with Bill Clinton.

I had nothing to do with any of it. I was an unwilling participant who made no suggestions and made no commitments.”

So basically, he broke his silence to deny it. He was just there. he didn’t participate. He sat watching Spongebob and whenever anyone looked at him he put his fingers in his ears and shouted “La la la la la la la” over and over until they went away.

Paul Ryan was on a plane with Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton for a decent amount of time. There were definite exchanges. Paul Ryan, merely by being there, is a traitor to his party and his country. He says he welcomes the inevitable hearings with Trey Gowdy but that he sat with his earbuds in listening to Rage Against the Machine with his eyes closed for the entire meeting.

Yeah…sure he did.


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  1. I would never trust Paul Ryan and never have.
    He is a jerk and I believe nothing he says.
    He has not, in my opinion, truly supported the President

  2. I don’t know if I believe this story. Especially with the weird picture of Paul Ryan in the post. I never did trust Paul Ryan all that much and after donating to him and finding out that he wasn’t backing Trump, I tried very hard to get my 75.00 back. President Trump picked him so I trusted Trump and accepted with protest my opinion of Paul. But this story sounds very strange and I am going with the fact that it is BS. If not, Paul Ryan must be fired for not coming forth to Vice Pres or Pres. Trump.

  3. How does it feel? Poor Donald Jr.! Everyone is beginning to see layers of corruption! You are are in it. The reason you didn’t have a Republican Health Bill ready is because you thought Hillary was going to win. Shame on you. You are o better than Maxine, Nancy, and Warren. Brenda Snipes

    • BS he knew Hillery wasn’t going to win because he will be the next president as soon as Trump is impeached. Get a clue

  4. Brenda Snipes,
    You must be one of them little snowflakes, poor Brenda snipes just can get over our wonderful president winning.. Lady get help!!!!

  5. Even if he had been in a sensory deprivation chamber on the plane, he was there and should have come forward to say so immediately. By not doing so, he has implicated himself in possibly participating in something illegal. It is illegal for the AG to meet with the target of or the spouse of the target of an ongoing FBI investigation. Ryan never would have done the right thing if he hadn’t been caught. Now all he can do is claim he had no part in it. Yeah, right. He’s bright enough to hold one of the most important position in the federal government, but not bright enough to know when he’s participating in a felony. There are numerous ways to spell corrupt, such as Clinton, Podesta, Wasserman-Schultz, Pelosi, Obama, Schumer, and now even Ryan.

  6. Why would Paul Ryan care about a possible leak in the DNC? Why would he care about this? What would make him want to get on that plane? Why didn’t he get off the plane and find his way home when he found out what was going on? Why didn’t he report the unethical meeting and why did he only respond when caught? This isn’t logical or realistic. Loretta Lynch was totally capable of handling a DNC leak. Paul Ryan wasn’t on any investigative committee nor was he needed to evaluate the truth of any evidence an informer might provide. What was Paul Ryan doing involved in a legal matter when the “top cop” was on the job????? I don’t believe Paul Ryan’s story. I think Ryan leans Democratic and is trying to cripple our President’s attempts to “Drain the Swamp”.

  7. I think once again this is a case of the Democrats grasping at straws. They refuse to accept the fact that Donald Trump WON THE ELECTION. They can kiss the arse of the American people. Get over it DUMMIES!

  8. Brenda Snipes, are you saying Don Jr is part of the corruption??

    I am amazed at how calmly that our President sits by just continuing to do his job while the looney tunes are doing thier crazy dances all around! When the crazy dances slow down, Trump sends in what ever he’s had ready for what ever is appropriate and in his calm stride just keeps moving!!! I’m sure this is how he’s been a master of business over the years. He doesn’t allow much to get under his skin! He pushes through what he can and doesn’t let the rest bother him. He has people in position to watch and let him know when it’s time to make the move!! Politicians aren’t used to dealing with people like him!!

  9. I guess Paul Ryan thinks most of the public is as dumb as he is. I was born at night 73 years ago and helped detect fraud for 18 years for a government agency.i was good at it. I would say on a scale of 1-100 Ryan might be a 2 or 3 with 1 being no truth and 100 being 100% truthful. And to think he is second in line for the presidency.scary

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