Federal Judge Issues Warrant To Dig Up ‘Dungeon-Like’ Bunker Found At Clinton Library

A mapmaker from Arkansas was doing some thermal imaging from his twin-engine Cessna when he stumbled upon something nobody had ever seen before. Along the banks of the river in Little Rock, on the property donated by the city for the Clinton library, lies an underground bunker that authorities say looks more like a single-room “dungeon” than a survival bunker.

The bunker, which looks to be connected to the library’s back offices via an escape tunnel, is about 30 feet long and 8 feet wide, about the size of a shipping container. Unless the bunker goes down further than the first level, which can’t be seen from above, there is very little use for something like this other than to hide something or do something else not exactly above board.

It took some doing because of the lack of evidence, but after a little nudge from the White House, a judge in Arkansas issued a warrant to either gain access to the bunker via the tunnel or to dig it up. The tunnel, which appears to be eroded and possibly blocked, appears to be the only way into the bunker.

As soon as authorities figure out exactly what is going on and why this thing, built on public land and presumably with public funds, doesn’t appear on any permit applications or blueprints.

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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