Ste12 Kss1 pT factor

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Ste12_Kss1_pT_factor = 


This is the factor by which Kss1 phosphorylation on only T183 alters its binding affinity for Ste12.
Kd_Ste12_Kss1pT = Ste12_Kss1_pT_factor * Kd_Ste12_Kss1
Ste12_Kss1_pT_factor > 1 means that phosphorylation of Kss1 on only T183 decreases its binding affinity for Ste12.


  • N/A


  • N/A

Additional Details

See Dig1/Dig2/Ste12/Tec1 interactions for more details.
There are specific constraints on this rate constant.

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