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  • Peptide sequence: WHWLQLKPGQPMY. Singh et al. 1983 PMID 6306574
  • Both the MFα1 and MFα2 genes encode α-factor. The MFα1 gene contains four copies of the mature sequence, and the MFα2 gene contains only two copies. Fuller et al. 1988 PMID 3288097
  • The MFα1 and MFα2 gene products are processed through the late Golgi compartment and excreted as mature α-factor. Fuller et al. 1988 PMID 3288097


  • Peptide sequence: YIIKG(V/L)FWDPAC. Betz et al. 1987 PMID 3542988
  • C-terminal cystein is modified to an S-farnesyl cystein methyl ester. Anderegg et al. 1988 PMID 3056940
  • a-factor is processed in the cytosol and exported out of the cell by Ste6, an ATP-dependent intrinsic plasma-membrane transport protein. Kuchler et al. 1993 PMID 7679674


Pheromone/Receptor/G protein interactions
Ste2 synthesis/endocytosis/degradation
G protein nucleotide hydrolysis/exchange
Protein dilution/synthesis due to cell growth

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Pheromone(Ste2_site) Pheromone_tot_conc


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