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OnPlug for Dollars

JR Raphael at PC World has done some very cool research on how much money can be saved by getting aggressive on saving vampire power. Looking at some of the numbers in this article one can see that monetary payback on your OnPlug purchase can be quite fast. Of course we know the payback to the environment begins immediately once ...

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Yahoo Green

 Yahoo Green's Lori Bongiorno writes about the extent of vampire power sucking appliances and other electrical loads in your home. She is a big fan of using power bars to save on vampire power. See link below. http://green.yahoo.com/blog/the_conscious_consumer/50/energy-vampires-fact-versus-fiction.html...

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Treehugger.com has long been a proponent of reducing phantom power as well promoting many other earth saving initiatives. We are grateful for their visit and coverage at the recent Green Living trades show in Toronto. View the video of Lloyd Alter interviewing our CEO Gerry Heffernan, right herehttp://www.treehugger.com/files/2010/04/onplug-kills-vampire-power.php...

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OnPlug Launched at Green Living Show

On April 23, 2010 the OnPlug Phantom power Saver was launched in Toronto at the Green Living Show. This event served to promote the product ahead of it general availability date of in fourth quarter 2010. Please see above the About Us tab for contact information on ...

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Getting Rid of Phantom Power

Phantom power can be referred to as the electrical power consumed by household appliances and gadgets when plugged in a wall outlet and not performing a useful function. Many such devices keep on consuming electricity even if they are turned off. The consumption continues between uses because most of the appliances plugged in the wall outlet are ...

ONPLUG Overview PDF Print E-mail

The ONPLUG ®  is a product designed to save electricity costs for people who are tired of paying for electricity that is consumed by phantom loads.

Phantom Power or Vampire Power comprises up to 10% of a homes electricity bill. The OnPlug is a product that helps consumers reduce costly vampire power consumption by switching off one device at a time.

Think of the OnPlug as a single use power bar with an indicator and a switch. You may already own numerous power bars, and we bet you rarely switch off the entire bar so that all of the devices plugged in stop consuming power. You may even own one of the new power strips where you can switch off loads individually. These are all good solutions to reduce our individual carbon footprints.

Of course a simpler solution would be to pull out the power cord for these phantom load appliances but this is not always practical and we are human after all. Sometimes the outlets are in inconvenient locations, but let's face it plugs are difficult to pull out of our wall outlets. Having a convenient unobtrusive switch on each outlet solves the human factor which sometimes can be insurmountable. 

OnPlug Building Blocks

Electrical function: The OnPlug has a male electrical plug that plugs into a wall outlet and female electrical plug receptacles for you to plug your appliances into. In between these male and female connections is a switch to turn power on and off.

Visual Indication; When the switch is in the On position, an LED illuminates to alert the owner that power is being consumed when there is no benefit to the owner. This feature is most beneficial for battery chargers or 'wall warts' that people leave plugged into the wall, long after they have finished charging, where the owners have forgotten to pull the charger out of the wall outlet.

Design Aesthetics: The OnPlug comes in white to match most household electrical outlet plates so that the device blends into an existing homes decor. The device is small enough so that you can fit two of them on a double outlet. The device is easy to grab and pull from the wall, so that you can take it on the road and plug into the wall outlet in your hotel room.